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6 Guilt Free Keto Camping Snacks To Keep You On The Go

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Looking for the perfect keto snack to add to your camping meal plan? Here are 6 keto camping snacks that will make the perfect addition to your menu.

Don’t feel like you have to cheat on your camping trips. There are lots of yummy snack ideas that can help you stay keto while at the campground.

keto camping snacks
keto camping snacks

In this RV camping resource guide, you will find 6 Keto camping snacks perfect for munching at the campground.

What Snacks Keep You In Ketosis?

You’ll be surprised at how many options you have when it comes to keto snacks. Some can be found readily in your kitchen pantry or fridge.

The best options you have as a keto snack are:

  • Nut butter such as almond, macadamia, and peanut butter (although use it sparingly)
  • olives
  • nuts and seeds
  • avocado
  • boiled eggs
  • cheese
  • green bell peppers
  • carrots
  • plain full-fat Greek yogurt
  • celery sticks
  • and berries like raspberry, strawberry, and blueberries.

We also enjoy pork rinds and beef jerky when we go camping!

6 Keto Camping Snacks

Can you eat hotdogs on the Keto diet?

Yes. But make sure you eat the ones which are Keto friendly.

While processed meats are not the best keto snack out there, they are still technically allowed on a keto diet and since you’re camping, well, a grilled weenie here or there isn’t going to hurt.

Check out these 6 Keto camping snacks you can indulge yourself in without feeling guilty!

keto camping snacks
keto camping snacks

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Need some guidance on planning ahead? Here are some make-ahead camping meals and a few healthy road trip snacks to keep you satisfied on the way to the campground.

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