10 Make Ahead Camping Meals So You Can Relax When You Get There

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Camping meals are some of my favorite kind’ve meals. However, carrying everything you need to prep a delicious campfire meal to the campground can sometimes be difficult, not to mention all the work to clean up. That’s why make ahead camping meals are the best!

With these 10 easy make ahead camping meals, you get the best of both worlds. Easy to make (and clean up) camping food that also happens to taste great.

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10 Easy Make Ahead Camping Meals

Can You Make Foil Packets Ahead Of Time?


Make ahead foil packets for RV camping are the perfect way to make a delicious home cooked and even healthy (if that’s your thing) camping meals that everyone will enjoy.

Better yet, they can also be cheap camping meals. If you stick to a big bag of cheap chicken tenders and local fresh produce (think corn on the cob, fresh peppers and onions, tomatoes, and fruit for desert), you can definitely keep the budget low and the flavor high.

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These simple make ahead camping meals make it easy to do the majority of the prep work at home and then either freeze your camping meal until your camping trip rolls around or fill up your cooler before you leave.

Either way, you have all the hard work done and you get to relax and enjoy the taste of home cooked meal cooked over a warm campfire.

Can You Freeze Foil Packet Meals?

Again, Yes!

With a few simple steps, you can prep these make ahead camping meals in foil packets and freeze them.

That means when it comes time to get the camper ready for the season, you have one less thing to stress over.

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How Do You Make A Foil Packet For Camping?

  1. Think protein and a vegetable in most cases
  2. Avoid overly liquidy foods as foil packets can leak (however, you can use foil pans as a work around)
  3. Choose vegetables and meats that roast well.
  4. Make each foil packet a single or double serving at most.
  5. Spray your foil with non-stick cooking spray or line with parchment paper.
  6. Place your protein choice and veggies inside foil and season according to your recipe.
  7. Fold edges toward each other wrapping the food in a manner that will create a small bowl when opening after cooking.
  8. Double wrap the packet with another layer of aluminum foil and place the packets in freezer bags.
  9. Remove as much air as possible, label freezer bag, and place in freezer until ready to cook.
  10. Thaw in fridge (or cooler) 8 hours before ready to cook your foil packet camping meal.

10 Easy Foil Packet Make Ahead Camping Meals

As you can see, with a little prep time, you can easily prep your camping meals ahead of the time and have an easy to cook and cleanup meal over the campfire.

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