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Must Have ATV Accessories For The Camping Trip Of Your Life

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Ask any group of ATV trail riding enthusiasts what they consider the must have ATV accessories for their ride and you are going to get answers as wide and varied as the ATV riders themselves.

Let’s dive in and talk about the various ATV accessories and what we consider the absolute must have ATV accessories for your new ride.

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Must Have ATV Accessories

Must Have ATV Accessories for Every ATV

No matter what type of ATV you have, the following ATV accessories are absolutely necessary.


There is no question, you absolutely should not drive an ATV without a proper helmet. Here are our favorite ATV dual sport helmets for trail riding.

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As vital to your safety and protection as the the right ATV helmet, is the right ATV Goggles.

Here are a few of our favorites, but be sure to read our complete ATV goggle review.

Top Pick ATV Goggles Under $50


After ensuring you protect your head and your eyes, you will also want to invest in a good pair of ATV gloves. There are numerous opportunities to skin and scratch up your hands while ATV riding and good pair of gloves will protect your hands.

Depending on the weather and condition of the ATV trail, you may wish to invest in a few different types of gloves. I’ve often been surprised by the temperature changes from the lowlands to when I get up in the mountains and the cold mud starts splashing.


In addition to a helmet, gloves, and goggles, you really need to dress appropriately when riding an ATV.

It is recommended you wear long sleeves and long pants as well as sturdy ATV boots that will protect your feet in the event that you have an accident or get into a situation that requires you to need to tow the ATV out of mud.


You might not think this is a necessity, but after being up to our eyeballs in mud in South Carolina after a particularly wet winter, and needing to be pulled out of the mud by the trail owner’s you recognize real quick the necessity of a TOW strap.


Believe it or not, some towing jobs may just need more than a tow strap. Warn ATV Winches are made in America and have the reputation that goes along with that.

Warn ATV Winch

What Should I Carry On My ATV?

Now that we’ve covered the basic must have ATV accessories every ATV rider needs, let’s talk about what you should carry on your ATV.

In order to carry the necessities you need on your ATV, you will need to invest in a good storage rack and/or box. Many riders get one for both the front and back of their ATV.

What Should You Bring Along on Every Ride?

Again, no matter if you are on a quad or SxS ATV, there are certain things you will need to bring along on every ride.


All machines tear up from time to time and ATVs are certainly no exception. In fact, as hard as we ATV riders can be on our rides, there’s no doubt you better have a well supplied tool kit on your ATV.

What should you carry in your tool kit? At a minimum each tool kit should have the following items.


Ok, so maybe it goes without saying, but you should make sure you pack enough food and water to get your through the night.

Even if you are only planning on riding a few hours, ensuring you have enough food and water to make it through the night may seem extreme, but just as a hiker should be prepared for the worst, so should an ATV rider.

You are going to be in the wilderness and in many cases unless you are riding with a large group, you may well be alone. If your ATV were to break down and you were unable to get help before daylight, you want to be sure you have enough food and water to survive the night.

You might also want to check out our post on ATV camping accessories for some more ideas.


Be sure to bring your cell phone [fully charged] and a charger with a 12-volt adapter.

We recommend you keep the phone in Airplane mode or turn it off to save battery.

Even if reception is poor, you can often get a text message out in the case of an emergency.

You will also want to protect the phone from water and mud damage so store it in a dry place or invest in a waterproof cell phone case.


Don’t forget to bring some tools for yourself. Again, it’s just common sense to prepare in case of an emergency any time you are headed outdoors on a trail.



Always pack extra gas on your ATV. It’s pretty easy to get carried away having a blast and burn through what’s in the tank before you know it.

Rotopax make great gasoline 2-gallon tanks that are perfect for an ATV allowing you to bring along extra fuel for yourself and your ride.

And, yes, I’m going to say it again while we are here. Bring EXTRA WATER. So while you are picking up a RotopaX tank for gasoline, get one for water too! You will be glad you did.

Ok, so trying to summarize all the “must have” ATV accessories you need into one post is pretty much impossible, but we have endeavored to cover most of the basic necessities for every ATV enthusiast.

What’s on your “must have” ATV list? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Happy trails!!

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