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Don’t Hit The Trails in 2022 Without These Must-Have ATV Accessories

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Ask any group of recreational ATV riding enthusiasts what they consider the must-have ATV accessories for their ride and you are going to get answers as vast and varied as the ATV riders themselves.

ATV riding is so much fun, but it can also be unpredictable. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get on the trails, so it’s always best to prepare ahead of time. Choosing what to pack can be tricky, you don’t want to under pack or overpack before trail riding. 

must haves for ATV Trail riding
Must Have ATV Accessories

Everyone into ATV riding for recreation should have a few essential accessories when hitting the trails. But how do you choose what’s best for your needs when the options are practically endless.

Let’s dive in and talk about the various ATV accessories and what we consider the absolute must-have ATV accessories for your new ride.

Best ATV Accessories

No matter what type of ATV you have, the following ATV accessories are absolutely necessary.


There is no question you absolutely should not drive an ATV without a proper helmet. If you want a helmet that has it all, The ARAI XD4 Helmet is the best ATV helmet to choose.

It is DOT/ECE and SNELL RATED which means that it passed the most rigorous of examinations for safety.


When ATV riding, protecting your eyes is non-negotiable, that’s why you need to choose the best ATV goggles before hitting the trails.

And when it comes to ultimate eye protection for ATV riding, the best choice would be the Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles.


After ensuring you protect your head and your eyes, you will also want to invest in a good pair of ATV gloves. There are numerous opportunities to skin and scratch up your hands while ATV riding and a good pair of gloves will protect your hands.

The best-selling ATV gloves year after year, Fox Racing 2022 Dirtpaw Gloves are the go-to gloves of entry-level and experienced riders alike. 


In addition to a helmet, gloves, and goggles, you really need to dress appropriately when riding an ATV. It is recommended you wear long sleeves or ATV jerseys and long ATV pants so you have enough coverage and protection from the several outdoor elements.

For female riders, check out our post on the best women’s ATV riding pants.

The Fasthouse Grindhouse 2.0 Off-Road Pants & O’Neal Men’s Element Villain Jersey are the perfect combos for the ultimate ATV riding ensemble.

ATV Shoes

You need a sturdy pair of ATV shoes that will protect your feet in the event that you have an accident or get into a situation that requires you to need to tow the ATV out of the mud.

Packed with outstanding features, the Fly Racing 2022 Maverik Boots are the best shoes for ATV riding.


You might not think this is a necessity, but after being up to our eyeballs in mud in South Carolina after a particularly wet winter, and needing to be pulled out of the mud by the trail owner you recognize real quick the necessity of a TOW strap.


Believe it or not, some towing jobs may just need more than a tow strap. Warn ATV Winches are made in America and have the reputation that goes along with that.

ATV Storage

ATVs are used for a variety of applications, from racing, mudding, and cross-country adventures to farming, and yard work. And for these kinds of activities, you’ll need a reliable ATV Storage box to hold extra gear while you work or play.

Portable ATV Gas Can

If you prefer long rides and hate having to turn back because of insufficient fuel then having a portable gas can is what you need. We recommend Rotopax make great gasoline 2-gallon tanks for your ATV Riding adventures

Sleeping Bag & Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Bringing a full tent can be difficult during ATV camping trips. It’s best to bring a lightweight sleeping bag or sleeping pad so you can stay warm and comfortable when it gets cold at night. 


While smartphones provide easy access to different navigation apps, some ATV riders want something a little more rugged while riding the trails. Thankfully, there are tons of ATV GPS systems to choose from, with the Garmin eTrex 32x being one of the best on the market. 

ATV Hand Guards

While there are gloves on the market built with knuckle guards and hard plastic plates there are times when they don’t seem to be enough. Hand Guards provide an additional protection to your hands, shielding them from tree branches, rocks, and flying debris while you’re riding.

Whether you’re riding for a day or riding for a week packing these must-have ATV accessories will help you stay prepared for any situation you might run into during your ride.

ATV riding accessories

Now that we’ve covered the basic accessories every ATV rider needs, let’s talk about what you should carry on your ATV.

What Should You Bring Along on Every Ride?

Again, no matter if you are on a quad or SxS ATV, there are certain ATV riding accessories you will need to bring along on every ride.

Tool Kit

All machines tear up from time to time and ATVs are certainly no exception. In fact, as hard as we ATV riders can be on our rides, there’s no doubt you better have a well-supplied tool kit on your ATV.

What should you carry in your tool kit? At a minimum, each tool kit should have the following items.

  • Tactical Flashlight– I absolutely love these flashlights and keep several of them around the house and in our RV so they are perfect for the ATV. They are small, lightweight, and pack a powerful punch when it comes to illumination.
  • Multi-Tool– The Leatherman Multi-tool is a great made in the USA option.
  • ATV Tire Repair Kit
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • Duct Tape
  • Screw Driver
  • All In One Roadside Tool Kit– This is a great option as it has a selection of socket wrenches, pliers, zip ties, and more all in one convenient carrying case.

Food & Water

Ok, so maybe it goes without saying, but you should make sure you pack enough food and water to get you through the night.

Even if you are only planning on riding a few hours, ensuring you have enough food and water to make it through the night may seem extreme, but just as a hiker should be prepared for the worst, so should an ATV rider.

You are going to be in the wilderness and in many cases unless you are riding with a large group, you may well be alone. If your ATV were to break down and you were unable to get help before daylight, you want to be sure you have enough food and water to survive the night.

Cell Phone & Charger

Be sure to bring your cell phone [fully charged] and a charger with a 12-volt adapter. We recommend you keep the phone in Airplane mode or turn it off to save battery.

Even if reception is poor, you can often get a text message out in the case of an emergency. You will also want to protect the phone from water and mud damage so store it in a dry place or invest in a waterproof cell phone case.

First Aid Kit

Don’t forget to bring some tools for yourself. Again, it’s just common sense to prepare in case of an emergency any time you are headed outdoors on a trail.


Extra Gas & Extra Water

Always pack extra gas on your ATV. It’s pretty easy to get carried away having a blast and burn through what’s in the tank before you know it.

Rotopax make great gasoline 2-gallon tanks that are perfect for an ATV allowing you to bring along extra fuel for yourself and your ride.

And, yes, I’m going to say it again while we are here. Bring EXTRA WATER. So while you are picking up a RotopaX tank for gasoline, get one for water too! You will be glad you did.

ATV Battery Charger

If you’re not riding your ATV very often,just like when it’s off-season, then there is a high chance that you will start experiencing battery problems. To prevent this from happening, you need an ATV battery charger a.k.a battery tenders to keep your battery in good shape. 

They’re super easy to use, you just have to unhook the battery from your ATV and then connect it to the charger.

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ATV riding accessories

Wait! We’re not done yet. There’s more to this list than your basic ATV riding accessories, keep scrolling to find out more.

ATV Mud Riding Accessories

Whether you ride ATVs or side-by-sides, you need mud accessories to protect your machines. The following are accessories that will definitely make your mudding trips a whole lot of fun!

ATV Mudding Outfit

Choosing the right riding gear makes all the difference in safety.

When it comes to ATV Mud Riding you need a well-fitted & full-coverage helmet, full-coverage clothes like jerseys and long pants, gloves, and a sturdy pair of boots for ATV mudding that go above your ankle.

ATV Snorkel Kits

If for some reason you find yourself and your ATV in deep mud you need not worry if you’ve got a snorkel kit attached to your ATV. These upgrade kits provide extended air intakes, extended CVT inlets, and outlet exhausts. It helps in keeping vulnerable parts of your ATV dry when mudding. 

ATV Mud Tires

If 50% or more of your ATV riding involves serious mud and the quad is always wading through deep water, ATV mud tires are a worthwhile investment. These specialized ATV tires provide more traction in wet and slippery conditions.

ATV Fender Extenders

ATV fender extenders/flares are a must-have when mudding. Not only do they complete the aesthetic of your machine, but their primary function is also to catch all that extra mud flying off while riding. 

Clean Towels

Rags and towels are some of the things that most people often forget when mudding. 

From wiping dirt off of your face to a quick oil checkup, towels are the simplest thing you need to do just that. 

ATV cleaner

If you spend most of your time racing down muddy trails or forging questionable terrain on your ATV, you need the right cleaning supplies to remove all the dirt easily.

One tip to do before mudding is to coat your ATV with protectant spray to prevent dirt and mud from sticking on your ATVs.

Without the proper ATV equipment and accessories mud can certainly damage any ATV. Make sure to prepare your rides before conquering your favorite mud hole.

must haves for ATV Trail riding

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Best ATV Budget Accessories

ATV riding can definitely be a pricey hobby with all the equipment and accessories you need.

In this list we’ll provide budget-friendly options for your must-have ATV Riding accessories.

ATV riding accessories
Must Have ATV Accessories

Ok, so trying to summarize all the “must have” ATV accessories you need into one post is pretty much impossible, but we have endeavored to cover most of the basic necessities for every ATV enthusiast.

What’s on your “must have” ATV list? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Happy trails!!

Fun ATV Riding Clothes

While protective gear is essential on the trail, it’s ok to look cute and share your wilder riding side with the world. I’m a big fan of ball caps and love this adorable “ATV hair, Don’t Care” hat from Sew Vivid Design on Etsy. Be sure to Check out all this cute ATV apparel.

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Recommended ATV Riding Resources

If you’re bringing the kids to the trails for ATV riding, make sure to equip them with the best Youth ATV Riding Gear to keep them while having fun on twisting trails, mud pits, and mountainous terrain.

And if you love discovering new places to ride your ATV, why not try an amazing Off-Roading ATV Adventure In Sayulita, Mexico.

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