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If you are visiting San Luis Obispo and are in need of some good food, be sure to check out Novo Restaurant and Lounge.  It is consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in SLO.  In this review we share our brief experience at Novo Restaurant and Lounge in SLO while traveling on an 18 day road trip through California with my family. 

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It's Always On The Top Ten

When researching best restaurants in San Luis Obispo, Novo Restaurant & Lounge will likely come up in the top of any search result. Due to land slides in Big Sur, we had to change our itinerary a bit from our initial plans. Knowing this, I really wanted to be sure our dinner included a stop in San Luis Obispo to give this downtown SLO restaurant a try. Thankfully, we successfully made it to SLO by dinner and enjoyed a fabulous and relaxing meal at Novo Restaurant & Lounge. 

My Husband's Duck Breast Was Delicious

Happy Food Allergy Mama

My children have multiple food allergies including all nuts and coconut.  I wasn’t sure how things would go given some items on the menu contained nuts. However, after a long day from Monterey, I was pleased to find the staff was accommodating and knowledgeable regarding their allergy processes.   As a mother of allergy kids, nothing is more stressful than to have a table full of hungry, tired kids and a restaurant that is unable or unwilling to serve  you.  The struggle is real!

This Was a Children's Burger!

Customer Service Top Notch

I am pleased to say that Novo Restaurant & Lounge SLO completely knocked it out of the park with regard to accommodating our food allergies!  If you have any type of dietary restrictions, rest assured you can enjoy a fabulous meal at this establishment.  

In addition to accommodating our allergies, I came to eat: Pork Nachos! I saw the pictures online and had my phone ready to show the waiter! Ha! You can imagine my sad face when he informed me it wasn’t served at dinner.  He quickly turned my frown upside down when he said they had pork carnitas sopes instead (I call them tacos) and they would be happy to add the avocado!

These were AAAAMAZING!!!

It's Just Fun

We ate inside because have I mentioned that it was COLD in California in May of 2017! Therefore, I failed to take my own picture of the outdoor space.  On their website you can see pictures of the outdoor area and patios.  

The indoor dining decor consists of a gold wall contrasted with the open brick urban feel that I love so much.  The seating on this level includes high and low top tables as well as the bar.  According to Novo’s website, the pictures on the walls are from local artists which is always a nice to see in a local restaurant. 

The Youngest Two Split the Spaghetti

Yes, It's That Good!

It’s one thing to be accommodating, fun, and well reviewed by others, but was the food good? Did it WOW me?  

Absolutely, positively, 100% WOWed customer right here! 

Seriously, you guys!  We ate at dozens of restaurants on this 18 day road trip, but only a handful rose to the top!  Novo Restaurant & Lounge was definitely one of those!  

I failed to get a picture of the amazing Korean short ribs with house made kimchi, but take my word for it, they were absolutely amazing!  

I also indulged in a very nice jalapeño margarita which I’ve had difficulty finding since having a great one at the La Hacienda in Epcot. 

Whether you are in the area for an extended time or just passing through, make a pit stop in San Luis Obispo and give your taste buds a real treat!  It’s worth the detour!

By the way if  you are traveling with your dog, check out this dog friendly guide to SLO. 

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  1. Looks delicious, allergies or no! Smart to bring a picture of what you wanted. Smart of them to accommodate you with a substitute. I can only imagine how traveling with three kids with allergies is a challenge. I had one.

  2. Sounds like a great spot. I can only imagine how stressful eating out must be with kids with allergies, but I think it is great you still do it:)

  3. It all looks delicious! I love that they have an outside dining area too, although I know how it can be chilly in that area especially in the evenings. I want to try the short ribs with the housemade kimchi! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  4. The children’s burger looks amazing and the korean short ribs sound fantastic. I’m hungry now! #TheWeeklyPostcard


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