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10 Fantastic ideas to Organize RV Kitchen Cabinets

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Keeping your RV Kitchen neat and learning how to organize RV kitchen cabinets is crucial since this small area serves as the food prep, cooking, dishwashing, and dining area.  

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how to organize rv kitchen cabinets

How To Best Organize Your RV Kitchen Cabinets

Here are a few RV hacks to help you best organize your RV Kitchen Cabinets.

Since all your dish ware, utensils, and food are stored in the built-in cabinets found around the RV kitchen, learning how to utilize these spaces properly is key!

Types of RV Kitchen Cabinets

RV kitchen cabinetry can vary widely and older models of RV campers may be tighter on space than newer ones.

Organizing your RV kitchen cabinets according to their ideal function and size, will enable you to be more efficient and less cluttered in your small kitchen space.

  • Overhead cabinets– As the name implies, these cabinets are located just above your head. Perfect for containing the lighter items in your kitchen, they can be easily organized with containers, boxes, and baskets.
  • Under Sink Cabinets– These are best suited for cleaning supplies and sponges. Often there are 2 shelves with the upper shelf having some space take up by the sink. I keep a few pots and pans here as well.
  • Under counter Cabinets/Cupboards– If you are fortunate, you will have one or two more under counter cabinets for additional kitchen cookware and appliances.
  • Drawers– Typically, it is used to store small kitchen wares like cutleries.

Digital Camping Meal Menu Planner™

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Camping meals should be some of the best memories you make with the family at the campground.

With a good menu plan and grocery list beforehand, you can spend less time prepping your camping meals and more time enjoying the great outdoors with your family.

With our Digital Camping Meal Menus and Grocery Lists, you will:

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camping menu planner

Store Food in Containers

Sometimes the containers that items come in from the grocery store can make it difficult to organize small spaces. I find it’s often easier to move snack items and dry goods to stackable food containers. This enables me to better organize my cabinets and move things around, especially if I’m working with a narrow or deep space like in the RV pantry.

stackable Tupperware
  • Durahome Storage ContainersAnother economical and lightweight option are these deli containers by Durahome. These are great because despite coming in different sizes, all the lids are the same size. If you are anything like me, that just saved you 20 minutes. Haha!
durahome storage containers

Use the Cabinet Door

  • Inside Door Racks– One of the best space-saving ideas is to use your cabinet doors by adding vertical storage options like door racks that hang on your door.
door rack organizers
  • Wall Mount OrganizersUse wall mount organizers on the inside surfaces of your cabinet doors for even more storage options. Remember to pre-measure and make sure that there is enough room inside the cabinets once the door mounts are attached.
wall mount organizers
cabinet door hooks
  • Cork BoardsAttach cork tiles/board on the inside surface of your cabinet doors, put some hooks in it, and you can hang items like measuring cups or spoons.

Increase Space On Cabinet Shelves

  • Use Shelf Risers- Another way to increase the space in your RV kitchen cabinets is to add shelf risers. Metal shelf risers help you use every space inside your cabinet without the need to stack every item on top of each other.

Add Slide-Out Racks or Containers for Hard to Reach Items

Deep Kitchen Cabinets are challenging; sometimes, small items get shoved to the back, and getting them out can be a real pain!

  • Slide Out Metal RacksOne solution to this nightmare is installing slide-out metal racks inside your cabinets. Attach them to the cabinet door so every time you open that shelf, everything is within easy reach.

Categorize Your Shelves

Categorizing your shelves will decrease food prep time.

  • Categorize by meal-Arrange your food shelves by meal, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner to make prep time a breeze.
  • Categorize by food type- Arrange items according to their use, such as baked goods in one area, canned goods on another, and dry goods in yet a different area.

Arrange Dishes Vertically

  • Vertical Kitchen Racks-If your cabinet is tall enough, store your plates, pans, cutting boards, trays, and items alike vertically. Utilize these kitchen racks designed to keep your dishes securely in place.
kitchen storage racks

Leave Some Space

While it’s important to make the most out of the space you have in your RV kitchen, be sure to leave some empty space on your counters and for extra items purchased while on the road.  

Store Commonly Used Items at Eye Level

Whenever possible, store your most commonly used items at eye level to avoid having to bend over or reach for the step ladder too often.

Organizing Cutlery and Utensils

Don’t spend all your time organizing your kitchen cabinets only to neglect the utensil drawer.

bamboo drawer organizer
flatware plastic tray

Keeping Everything In Its Place

It’s important to secure your things after organizing your RV kitchen cabinets to minimize shifting when the camper is in motion. Here are a few tips to assist with this task.

  • Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner– Use a self liner in your cabinets to keep your cups and dishes in place.
  • Tension rodsTension rods are also great to keep things from falling out, especially on open shelf cabinetry.
  • Cupboard locks If you cabinetry door doesn’t have a secure fit, invest in cupboard locks to keep the cabinet drawers secured during transport. These also work great for your RV fridge.

What tips and tricks have you found work best for keeping your RV cabinets organized?

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