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7 Simple Tips & Tricks To Help You Better Organize Your RV Closet

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Organizing your RV camper can be a challenge no matter which space you are in. As you probably already know, RV closets are much smaller than your typical bedroom closets at home, which makes it even harder for you to organize your RV closet. 

organize your rv closet

Think of trying to fit all your clothes for the week into a closet not much bigger than your cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Never fear, however, we’ve gathered some great RV tips and tricks to help you organize your RV closet

How do you organize clothes in an RV?

The first thing you have to do before we jump into the tips and tricks on how to better organize your RV closets, is you have to promise me something. 

You have to promise me that you recognize that living in an RV whether for the short term or long term means you have to have a mindset shift. 

The reality is, no matter how many tips and tricks you use, there’s only so much space in an RV and you just aren’t going to be able to bring everything.  

Got that? 


Okay, good.  Now let’s talk about how to organize your RV closets with what you do bring. 

7 Tips For Organizing Your RV Closet

  1. Simplify your wardrobe

Everything about RV living is about simplifying. A good rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule.  80% of the things you wear are 20% of the things you own.

Pack accordingly. I actually have created packing lists for each of my family members by season. This helps tremendously when we are camping.  We shoot for a 4 day packing list knowing that most items can be worn for at least 2 days (except underwear…you MUST have a fresh pair per day. Mom’s rules!! Eeeeew) 

Here are some basic clothing that you should pack for your RV camping:

  • Undergarments
  • Comfy wear- These are your pajamas or sleepwear.
  • Outdoor clothing- Choose something to wear depending on the season or weather.
  • Clothes for specific occasions- Activities like swimming or hiking require a different set of clothing. So you should pack things needed for such events.
  • Miscellaneous- These are your socks, scarfs or important accessories that you can’t leave behind.
  1. Hanging your Clothes 

Once you’ve narrowed down your stuff, it’s now time to learn how to organize your RV closet. Separate clothes that need hanging versus those that you can fold.

Try these tips to maximize your space: 

  • Use Slim Hanger- No slip, slim hangers are great space savers and you no longer have to worry about your clothes slipping off due to its no slip feature.
rv closet hangers
  • Layered hangers– These multilayered hangers are great in maximizing your vertical space and keeps your clothes wrinkle free throughout your trip.
rv closet layered hanger
  • Hanging storage cubbies– if there is still room for hanging, you can add a hanging shelf where you can put some of your folded clothes.
closet hanging cubbies
  1. Folding your clothes

Folding clothes takes less space compared to hanging them, so fold clothes as much as you can to create more space for your other clothing.

  • Plastic drawers– Its best to use transparent plastic drawers to keep your folded clothes and place them beneath your hangers.
closet plastic drawers
  • Stackable bins– Put your folded clothes inside this bins and stack them, as easy as that!
closet stackable bins
  • Learn how to fold like a pro- Maximize your closet space by learning different methods of folding your clothes, because smaller is better! Check out this video about different folding techniques that you can use to save space in your closet.  
  1. Utilize Closet Doors

Doors are always a great option in storing your items, this is especially true when it comes to your closets. 

  • Add Hooks on your Closet doors- Attach hooks on closet doors for your belts, ties, small bags, accessories, sunnies, and alike.
closet hooks
  • Wire baskets– Perfect for storing small items.  Make sure you measure your closet space before putting wire baskets on the doors.
closet wire basket
  • Plastic Organizers– Adding these to your closet doors allows you to store multiple items inside.
closet plastic organizer
  1. Maximize Closet Drawers

If you’re lucky enough to have multiple closet drawers inside your camper RV, make sure to maximize every space that you have.

  • Add tension rods inside your closet drawers to store and secure your shoes in its place.
closet foldable drawers
  • Add dividers inside your drawers so you can sort and separate by groups. If you plan to purchase one, make sure to measure your drawers first.
closet drawer divider
  • Putting containers and bins inside works just like your drawer dividers, you can put the same items all together and keep everything neat and organized.
closet container/bins
  1. Add Light to your Closet

Adding light to your closet helps you utilize every inch of space more efficiently and cuts down on the time it takes you to find your clothes. 

closet light
  1. What to do with dirty clothes

Organizing your RV closet doesn’t end after you arrange all your clean clothes. With limited space left for fitting other things inside your RV closet,  You also need a plan to store your dirty laundry. 

  • Mesh Bags– Using mesh bags for your laundry. You can toss them basically anywhere or hang them in any corner that you want. We keep ours in the utilities closet with the broom.
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