Outdoor Toys For Kids Guaranteed To Get Them Off The Screens And Outside This Year (and the grown ups too!)

As a homeschooling mom, my favorite outdoor toys for kids are those that incorporate learning and adventure. I also really enjoy throwback outdoor games and toys for kids like I had in the 80’s. Frisbees, kites, roller skates, and outdoor forts are definitely at the top of my list.

Now that daylight savings time has begun, the temperatures are beginning to rise, and the dreary days of winter are nearly behind us, excitement for the lazy days of summer is beginning to mount in our home. Of course, I know full well that it will only take 48 hours after our last day of school before I hear,

“Mom, I’m booooooored.”

While I’m sure you are like me and would love to spend every single day of summer traveling, camping, or hiking, it just isn’t always feasible. I did a little digging and found some great outdoor activities, lawn games, and toys for this summer. These outdoor games and toys for kids are sure to help you get those kids off the screens and outside to play this summer.

Outdoor toys for kids

Outdoor Activities For Kids

These adventure kits and scavenger hunt games are my favorite type of outdoor toys as they spark imagination and make kids excited to explore nature.

Outdoor Adventure Kits

Scavenger Hunt Games


Can’t go wrong with the simple old fashioned toys we all grew up with. My kids love playing frisbee and I’m always amazed how excited they get when they get a new one.

  • Nite Ize Flashflight Disc-O– This thing is cool! Colored LEDs in the center of the disc illuminate the fiber optics which extend to the end of the disc ensuring balanced and true flight.
  • Activ Life Best Kid’s Flying Rings These are lighter weight than average frisbees and a great option for smaller kids.
  • Kan JamFor even more family fun, check out Kan Jam . This is a great outdoor toy for kids and the whole family at the campground, in the backyard, or at the beach.

Roller Skates

  • Roller Derby Inline Skates– Ok mama, can you remember how you felt when you strapped on your first pair of skates? I’m not sure this would be an activity I’d be too comfortable joining in these days, but maybe it’s time to get a “brand new pair of roller skates” and “try them out you see”. I love these adjustable inline skates by Roller Derby for boys and girls.
  • Fisher Price Grow With Me 1,2,3 skates– My daughter has loved her Grow With Me skates. They are the perfect stepping stone for little ones and a fun way to get outside and enjoy the summer weather.

Giant Bubble Wands & Bubbles

Outdoor Chalk and Stencils

  • Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk Set- Speaking of things I stock up on for the summer camping season, sidewalk chalk is a must! Next to bubbles, sidewalk chalk is a favorite go to outdoor toy for kids at the campground.
  • Sidewalk Stencils– For extra fun, pick up some sidewalk chalk stencils. Your artistic kid will love you.

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Outdoor Yard Games

This is where things really start getting fun for the whole family! These games will keep you playing until the lightning bugs come out at night. (That’s fireflies for those of you not from the south.)

Cornhole Boards

Yardzee & Farkle

Go ahead! You know you want to! Say it again, “Farkle” “Farkle, Farkle, Farkle” Ok, you don’t even need to buy this game to keep the kids entertained. Just tell them the name and they will spend at least a day or so making up new ways to use the word, “Farkle” in a sentence. HaHa! All jokes aside, these giant Dice (or is it die???) games are so much fun!

Ladder Ball

Ring Toss

Giant Jenga

  • Giant Timber – Jumbo Size Genuine Hardwood Game-For ages 8 years and up, these giant Jenga games create such a sense of anticipation and excitement that when your camping neighbors hear all the fun, you will quickly have a gathering at your campsite.

Badminton Set

I grew up spending lots of time in the backyard trying to master the birdie aka “shuttlecock” and badminton racket. It’s a great hand eye coordination game and it’s loads of fun, too.

  • Outside Inside Racket Set | REI Co-op This outside inside racket set by REI is perfect for the campground and at home. Small and easily portable includes 2 rackets, 1 foam tennis ball, 1 skip ball and 1 birdie

Outdoor Playsets & Climbing Toys

Geometric Dome

For the little monkeys in your life this geometric dome makes a great place for them to burn off some energy. Appropriate for ages 3-10, rust resistant, and no lead based materials.

Teeter Totter

Classic teeter totters are always a hit. My kids love the one my mother in law bought for them from an elementary school auction. If you aren’t so lucky to find one at an auction, check out these available on Amazon and Etsy.

Tree Swings

Swinging from the trees is still a kids favorite form of play. These new skycurve swings make it fun for everyone.

Inflatable Bouncy Houses

Our decision to buy an inflatable bouncy house was one of the best decisions we made when considering which outdoor toys we wanted to include in our backyard. We decided after considering the cost to rent one for a single birthday party that for just a little more money we could own one of our own. Our kids and their friends have now enjoyed our bouncy house for three seasons.

Bouncy houses make great outdoor toddler toys and here are a few more fun toy ideas for your 2 year old.

Outdoor Water Toys

What’s summer outside without outdoor water toys? Here are a few that every kid has to have for maximum outdoor fun this summer!

Water Balloons

  • Bunch O Balloons – Instant Water Balloons- Okay, this may just be the best invention I have ever seen. (I know, I exaggerate, but hear me out). Have you ever tried to fill up those tiny little water balloons with a hose? Good grief just shoot me now. Now you can fill and tie up to 100 WATER BALLOONS in 60 SECONDS!!! Watch out, ain’t nobody walking away from this water balloon fight. (Refill packs available as well)
  • Big Bubble Ball Bouncy water Balloon– That’s right! One GIANT water balloon! So fun!

Water Guns

Splash Mats

Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat– Splash Mats are a great outdoor toy for kids in the summer. I love them for little tykes because they provide a wonderful way to cool off and are less risky than the splash pools. The bright and fun colors available make these outdoor water toys a great addition to your summer toy list.

Kids ATV & Other Kids Electric Cars

Of course, I had to include a few kids ATV’s and ride on toys to begin training those little tykes to love slinging mud on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails or the many ATV Trails in Tennessee and Virginia.

Visit our store for more ride on toys including Kids ATVs, Ride On Dune Buggys, Outdoor Electric Jeeps, and other electric ride on toys.

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