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Welcome to our Outdoor Living page where we believe life was meant to be lived outdoors at home and on the road! When we are home, we love to get out and enjoy the beauty of our surrounding Appalachian and Smoky Mountain region including Northeast Tennessee, SW Virginia, and North Carolina. We get outdoors at home by hiking and riding ATV’s. When we hit the road, we enjoy hiking in the National Parks and exploring beaches and cities around the country.

What can you do to get out at home?  Have you discovered all the great outdoor spaces in your town and community?  Have you taken the kids to explore the local and state parks in your region?  We want to inspire you to do just that!  Get outdoors in your town and explore the wonders all around you.  Go camping or hiking.  Rent a boat and enjoy a local lake. There are always great adventures to be found in any town or community in the great outdoors.

The fun doesn’t stop at home.  We believe vacations should be adventurous as well as relaxing.  Planning road trips around national parks and wonders of the world is our favorite way to travel.

Find inspiration and ideas to help you live outdoors both at home and on the road here at VeraVise Outdoor Living.

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ATV helmet buying guide

Best ATV Helmet For Trail Riding

Are you as confused about which helmet to buy for an ATV as I was when I set out to answer the question, “What is the BEST ATV helmet?”  Seriously, exactly how many terms are there to describe a helmet anyway? 

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Camelback Mini MULE and Camelbak Scout

5 Best Kids Hydration Packs On The Market

One key lesson we learned right away is that anything that makes hiking easier for us and more exciting for the kids is worth investing in! After purchasing hydration packs for our kids, we saw a huge improvement in their stamina and overall attitude while on the trail.

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Doe Mountain Recreation Area

8 ATV Trails in Tennessee That Will Blow Your Mind!

Tennessee has quickly become known as one of the premier ATV travel destinations in the nation.
Whether you are planning a day trip to a TN ATV trail, a three day weekend, or you want to organize a complete road trip tour of all the ATV Trails in this guide, these are the best ATV trails in Tennessee.

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de-winterize RV

How Do You De-Winterize Your RV

Doing “All the things” to get your RV camper ready for the season can be overwhelming for sure. That is one reason why we created RV checklists for each of the processes when it comes to camping in an RV.

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how to store your atv outside

How To Store An ATV Outside

If you absolutely have to store your ATV outside, it’s important to know a few things in order to protect your ATV both in the winter and throughout the rest of the year. #atvriding #atv #outdoorliving

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Travel trailer

Must Have Travel Trailer Accessories You Need Right Away!

When you first get an RV travel trailer, it can be overwhelming to think about all the RV accessory “must haves” you will need. In fact, it’s impossible to prepare 100% because you learn so much with each RV trip that you are constantly updating your checklists and travel trailer “must haves” list. However, there are definitely a few RV “must have” essentials you need to purchase before your first or any camping trip with your new travel trailer.

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