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11 Fun and Clever Outside Camper Decorating Ideas

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We are often so obsessed with organizing and perfecting the inside of our campers that we forget how much fun decorating the outside is too! This time we are giving the spotlight to some of the most clever and fun outside camper decorating ideas you wouldn’t want to miss.

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outdoor camper decorating ideas

How Do I Decorate The Outside Of My Camper?

Sometimes camper remodeling isn’t an option, that’s where decorations come in. When It comes to decorating the outside of your camper, take note of these few simple tips to help you decorate more efficiently.

  • Less is often more.
  • Always choose decorations that are easy to pack up and easy to move around.
  • Add decorative and functional pieces as well
  • Add some color and personality to it!
  • You can also go with a theme

Outside Camper Decorating ideas

1. Get Outdoor Mats/Rugs

An outdoor mat makes a more neat-looking outdoor space. It creates a much smoother and even surface for your outdoor chairs. It also keeps you and your visitors from tracking sand or mud inside your campers.

2. Hang Outdoor lights

One great way to cozy up your outdoor camper space is by hanging some outdoor lights. It also creates the perfect ambiance for a simple get-together at the campsite.

To hang your lights, use plastic clips and hooks that are specifically designed to be hung on your camper awnings.

3. Add Personalized Camping Signs

There are a wide variety of camping signs you can order online but personalized camping signs are a great way to add some personality and will surely liven up your camper outdoor space. 

4. Attach An RV Awning Screen

One of the most simple outside camper decorating ideas you can do is attach a screen to your awnings that can block you from the sun’s UV rays and also creates additional privacy on your campsite.

5. Outdoor Screen Rooms

Setting up a screen room just outside your campers is a great way to protect yourselves from bugs while camping. Level up your screen room’s look by decorating them using some colorful outdoor lights.

6. Put Some Nice Camping Chairs

Don’t forget to bring your favorite camping chairs so you can relax and take a sip of your favorite drinks under the shade of your awnings. 

7. Create The Perfect Ambiance With Portable Fire Pits

No fire pits in your campgrounds? No problem because these portable fire pits sure set the mood and make the perfect camping atmosphere. 

Please be reminded that some campgrounds have fire bans, in such cases you should use propane fire pits.

8. Throw In Some Pillows and Other Decors

Stylish and weather resistant pillows on your camping chairs are great accents for your outdoor camper space.

9. Add Garland And Other Decors

Add some fun garlands and wall decors that you can attach to the exterior walls of your campers. It better to decorate with a specific theme in mind, you can choose any theme you want and you can also dress up your campers for the holidays.

10. Add A Deck

For fulltime RVers who are parked permanently, building a deck is very convenient and super functional. You can make and design your RV decks according to what you want. If you’re feeling crafty, check out the video below on how to do your own camper decks.

11. Put Up Some Bird Feeders

For those who enjoy bird watching, putting up some bird feeders is one great idea. Other than being a decorative piece outside your campers you and the kids will also have the chance to see different birds that is unique to your campsite.

Decorating the outside of your campers isn’t supposed to be hard. Always go with what you like and with a little bit of imagination and resourcefulness I’m sure your campers will look so much better than what you’ve expected.

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