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Personalized Camping Blankets To Keep You Warm And Cozy

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It doesn’t matter where or which season you’re camping, a nice and warm blanket is a must. After the day is done and you’re worn out from all the camping adventures you’ve done it’s hard to resist that warmth and comfort that a good blanket provides.
Check out these personalized camping blankets that perfectly offer warmth and come with unique designs that is specially made for you.

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personalized camping blankets

What Is A Camping Blanket? 

Just like any other blanket you use, a camping blanket works just the same, which is to provide warmth. What makes it different is the materials to which it is made and other features that are needed for a camping lifestyle. 

Camping blankets are made from materials that are similar to sleeping bags, like materials with water repellent features or have insulation capacity that is perfect for outdoor use. These blankets compared to sleeping bags are more ideal for a casual camping lifestyle which is both convenient and practical. 

What’s The Best Material For A Warm Blanket?

Depending on the degree of benefit you are looking for, you can choose from the different materials that are used to make a blanket. 

Here are some of the most common materials from which blankets are made of:

  • Cotton– A cotton blanket is a great choice if you’re planning to have a camping trip during hotter days since it has excellent breathability. It is also soft to the skin and hypoallergenic, so if you want a blanket for your little one, a blanket that is made of cotton is a great choice.
  • Wool– A blanket made out of wool is excellent in providing warmth during colder days at camp. It is also breathable and can absorb moisture from the body so no worries in case that sweat of yours starts to appear. 
  • Fleece– If wool doesn’t work for you, fleece is a good option since it offers pretty much the same feature. It is soft to the skin and provides warmth just the same it is also comparatively cheaper than wool. 
  • Polyester– Polyester is also a cheaper option and is also very durable and long-lasting. Polyester when mixed with other natural fiber offers excellent warmth, breathable and durable as well. 

Are Wool Blankets Good For Camping?

Wool blankets are great for camping due to the unique feature that wool possesses which is perfect for the extreme weather outdoors. Wool blankets can provide warmth during colder temperatures and thanks to their moisture-wicking ability, you’ll be able to stay warm and dry while in camp. Wool, aside from providing warmth, is also breathable due to its natural texture which allows air to pass through its tiny little air pockets. 

Are Fleece Blankets Good For Camping?

Compared to wool or other materials used to make blankets, fleece blankets are cheaper, lightweight, and versatile. What makes it a good choice for camping is that it’s windproof and water-resistant to some degree. One disadvantage is that low-grade fleece tends to develop “pills” when it’s not properly cleaned or washed, it also tends to shed over time. 

Fleece blankets also work great for camping, just make sure you get a blanket made of good quality fleece.

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Personalized Camping Blankets

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