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13 Pie Iron Camping Meals That Are Delightfully Good In Every Bite!

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For simple and easy-to-make camping meals you can rely on a pie iron to do the job for you. These nifty and versatile cooking utensils are all you need to cook your favorite sandwiches and pizza recipes. Check out these 13 yummy pie iron camping meals that your whole family will enjoy.

What Is A Camping Pie Iron?

A pie iron or camp cooker is a simple cooking utensil that has two cupped metal cooking plates hinged together. This tool allows you to grill, bake, and toast over a campfire. It is one of the easiest ways to make camping breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can also use them to create tasty snacks that you can enjoy while camping.

How Do I Season A Pie Iron?

A cast pie iron needs to be seasoned first before using it, follow simple steps for proper seasoning of your brand new cast irons.

  1. Upon removing it from its packaging you will find a thin paraffin wax coating your cat irons. Remove this by scrubbing it with soap and warm water or heat it for about 10 minutes.
  2. After 10 minutes and while it’s still warm wash it again with warm soapy water to remove the residue.
  3. Completely dry the pie iron and coat it with vegetable oil.
  4. Heat over the campfire or grill it for about 15 minutes.
  5. After cooling down, wipe it clean.
  6. Repeated the process 4 times to get a good coating.

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How Do You Use A Camping Pie Iron?

Using a pie iron to make your camping meals is very easy. Here are some reminders for proper usage and handling of your pie irons while on camp.

  1. Before putting any of your food ingredients inside make sure you apply non-stick cooking spray to the inside of both iron plates. You can also apply butter to your bread if you don’t have a non-stick spray at hand.
  2. Place your bread or any other ingredients inside before closing and latching it.
  3. Time to cook your meal over the campfire. Turn it over occasionally to make the cooking even.
  4. Be mindful of the latch and handles as they can be very hot while you’re cooking.

13 Pie Iron Camping Meals To Put You In A Good Mood!

13 Pie Iron Camping Meals

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