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14 Pontoon Boat Hacks To Make Your Boat Life Easier

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When it comes to boating, there is so much to learn which is why I love discovering new pontoon boating hacks to pass along to you in our boating resource guides.

The warmer weather is finally here and we are super excited to start using our new pontoon boat. We purchased a new pontoon boat late in the month last July, but only go to take it out a few times so we are super excited to start boating this year.   Just like camping, we know there's so much to learn.   I did a bit of research and discovered a few pontoon boat hacks to try this year. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned boater, you may find a few new pontoon boat hacks to try as well.

How Do I Organize My Pontoon Boat?

Since space is limited on a pontoon boat, you need a few tricks up your sleeve to make room for all your family’s needs for a great day on the lake.

Check out the following pontoon boat hacks to keep everything neat and organized for a stress-free boat trip all throughout.

Organize The Small Stuff

Small objects such as keys, sunglasses, and sunblocks should be kept close at hand. Use a nice pocket organizer or a boat organizer bag to keep all these tiny objects in one place. 

boat pocket organizer

Keep Your Things Dry

Water is unpredictable, and as you journey through the waters, it is important to store your valuables in a safe place where they will remain dry at all times. Use a waterproof dry bag or a boater’s dry box for storing your smartphones, cameras, and other items you don’t want to touch the water. 

boat dry bag
boat dry box

Use Gear Hammocks

One pontoon boat hack is to maximize your pontoon boat space by adding a hammock, these can be used for storing some of your food items and also for your other boating tools and equipment.

boat gear hammock

Secure Your Documents

Protect your pontoon boat manual, documents, and other important papers by placing them in a fireproof and waterproof bag. Some even have reflective bands to keep them visible in the dark. 

boat document bag

And also keep in mind that some boat manufacturers offer downloadable electronic copies of documents and manuals so you won’t have to have them physically on the boat.

Hang Up Your Coats And Towels

Clothes that are scattered all over can make your boat appear messy and less spacious. Another pontoon boat hack is to hang up your extra clothes and wet towels using hooks and clips that you can attach to the part of the boat where you find it best suiting. 

Towel clips

Don’t Forget Your Trash

Proper waste management is very simple on a boat yet many people forget this important task. Add a portable trash bag on your pontoons to keep all your trash away from the waters and for easy disposal after your boat trips. 

boat trash bag

How Can I Improve My Pontoon Boat Performance?

Although Pontoon Boats are not the best for extreme water activities there are still some ways you can improve or maintain your pontoon boat’s performance on the water, here are some pontoon boat hacks to keep your pontoon boats in top shape.

Clean the Tubes

Cleaning and removing debris and scum off your tubes will mean there will be less obstruction and will in turn reduce drag and allow your boats to go at a faster speed. Pontoon Boat cleaners are best for this task.

pontoon boat cleaner

Reduce The Weight On The Pontoon Boat

It is a no-brainer that the less weight you put on a boat allows it to move at a faster rate. For this reason, you must plan what things to bring for your boat trips.

Better Weight Distribution

One pontoon boat hack to remember is placing more weight towards the rear of the boat, it helps lift the front part of the boat thus allowing it to glide through the waters at a faster rate.

Don’t Fill Up Your Fuel Tanks Completely

In relation to reducing the weight on your pontoon boats, one good idea is not to fill up completely on Fuel. Just make sure that you are confident enough about the amount of fuel you’re putting and is enough to cover your entire boat trip.

How Hard Is It To Dock A Pontoon Boat?

For Beginners, docking pontoon boats can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why we’re sharing with you some hacks and easy tips for docking with ease.

Use Side Fenders

Errors are inevitable when you’re learning, and bumping into the dock is one of the most frequent scenarios you’ll likely encounter. Protect your boats from scratches and dings by using hanging boat fenders on your pontoons. 

pontoon boat fenders

Slow Down 

Always Slow down when approaching the dock. Make your approach neutral and shift into gear every so often to maintain your momentum as you approach. 

Use Reverse

Shift to reverse when you’re close to the dock to prevent the forward movement of the boat and decrease the chances of hitting the dock.

Practice Makes Perfect

No one made it perfect the first time. Remember that experience is the best teacher, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it the first time. With consistency and practice you’ll surely master docking your pontoon boats safely in no time.

Now that you’ve got some extra tricks on the bag, its now time to head out to the water and have the best boat trips that is definitely one for the books.

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