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Pontoon Boating Safety Guide & Checklist

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Pontoon boating with the family anytime soon? Before leaving the dock, make sure to review this boating resource guide on pontoon boat safety.

While pontoon boats are generally viewed as stable and safe water vessels, you’ll never know when accidents will happen. The wisest move is to learn boat safety rules before embarking on a boating adventure. 

Pontoon Boating Safety
Pontoon Boating Safety

No matter how much boating experience you have, it’s always best for everyone to learn essential boat safety rules and practices before you head out to your destination. These pontoon boat safety tips will help you boat responsibly and enjoy your time on the water.

Make safety a priority and use this guide to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment next time you venture out into the water.

How safe are pontoon boats?

Pontoon boats are among the safest boats out there especially for boating families with kids. Here are the top three reasons why they are considered as one of the safest boats available. 

  • Their wide size and rectangular shape lessens the chances of it capsizing. 
  • Pontoon boats are two-hulled, making them safer and more stable than single-hulled vessels.
  • High safety railings reduce the chances of falling over into the water.
Pontoon Boating Safety
Pontoon Boating Safety

It’s important to remember that while pontoon boats are safe boats on lakes, rivers, bays, and even in the ocean a mile or 2 out on calm days, it is recommended not to risk venturing into rough waters.

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In extreme conditions, a pontoon boat can be more dangerous than a regular V-hull vessel and can even capsize.

Though pontoon boats are generally much safer than other types of water vessels, it is important to still follow the standard boat safety requirements.

Pontoon Boat Safety

To keep your pleasure cruise from taking a wrong turn, here are essential pontoon boat safety rules and tips to follow.

  • Boating safety rules change depending on what state you’re in so be sure to familiarize yourself with all local regulations before heading out to the water.
  • Always bring the necessary safety equipment including the most important one, a life jacket.
  • Always check the weather before heading out. Cancel your trip if necessary.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while on the boat, this is especially important when you’re the one operating the pontoon.
  • Know your pontoon boat weight capacity and make sure you don’t overload it.
  • Consider taking a boating safety course.
  • Check your navigation lights before heading out on the water.
  • Always perform a pre-departure safety check and use a checklist to help you remember.

According to American Boating Association, there have been a total of 43,058 boating accidents that occurred from 2010 to 2019, out of which 2,792 are pontoon boat-related accidents. 

Such incidents can be easily avoided by following the laws and putting effort into learning the pontoon boat safety measures.

Pontoon Boat Safety Equipment

Your pontoon boats should always be stocked with the proper safety equipment before you embark on your boating adventure.

Here is a list of all the things you need:

pontoon boat safety equipment
Pontoon Boat Safety

There is no doubt that pontoon boats are one of the safest boats available today, but it is only as safe as you make them to be.

Some accidents can easily be prevented by following local regulations and of course doing some precautionary measures. Follow this guide so you’re safe and secured throughout your boating adventure.

Pontoon Boat Accessories

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