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Best Pontoon Boat Trailers To Keep Your Boats Safe On The Road

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Before taking your new pontoon out on the water, check out this boating resource guide to find the best pontoon boat trailer on the market to safely transport your pontoon boat.

Whatever size or style your pontoon boats have, there’s definitely one that matches them perfectly.

Best Pontoon Boat Trailers
Best Pontoon Boat Trailers

In this post, we researched all the best pontoon boat trailers on the market to offer you the pros and cons of each.

Use this guide to help you weigh your options when buying your pontoon boat trailer.

What are the two types of pontoon trailers?

There are two types of pontoon boat trailers. Each has a set of advantages and disadvantages.

Scissor Style Pontoon Boat Trailers

This type of pontoon boat trailer is quite narrow and comes with a center lift mechanism that slides in between the tubes of your pontoon boats.

It is named so because of the scissor-like action it makes when lifting the boat. 


  • Quick and easy to be retrieved and launched from even the shallowest of water
  • Universal style and can accommodate different types of pontoon boats
  • Allows you to lower the pontoon boat to the ground and then remove the trailer and be launched in shallow water.


  • Not the best for long-distance towing
  • Tipping over is more common due to its smaller wheelbase
  • Pontoon boats tend to rock back and forth or side to side since it doesn’t really support the toons

Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Trailers

Unlike the scissor style trailers, the Bunk style is a full-width trailer that cradles the entire pontoon boat providing a bunk for each of the tubes. 


  • Ideal for long drives at a faster speed
  • A lesser tendency for your pontoon boats to move while traveling
  • Better for larger pontoon boats and heavier engines


  • More difficult to maneuver when loading and unloading boats
  • Requires more storage space
Best Pontoon Boat Trailers
Best Pontoon Boat Trailers

How To Choose Pontoon Boat Trailers

Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a pontoon boat trailer.


  • Length of The Trailer– Pontoon boat trailers should be 3’-4’ larger than the length of your toons to allow for a swing radius at the front of the pontoons. For example, a 21’ pontoon boat should have a 24’-25’ trailer. Doing this will provide enough trailer tongues during sharp turns, thus preventing the front of your tubes from hitting the rear of the towing vehicles.
  • Pontoon Boat Weight– It’s important to know the weight of your pontoon boat plus the engine to determine whether you need a single (two tires) or tandem axle (four tires) pontoon trailer. Single axles on average have a 2000 to 2200 pounds weight capacity while tandem axle trailers can accommodate larger boats up to about 7,500 pounds of weight.

Tow Vehicle Capacity

You can typically find this information on the vehicle owner’s manual. Knowing this will determine how heavy your trailer should be. To prevent damage to your vehicle and accidents along the way make sure you pick a trailer that does not exceed the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle.


Having a fixed budget will help you narrow down the search for the best pontoon boat trailers that suit your needs.

Prices may vary from place to place and typically increase if there are additional features included.

Pontoon Trailer Cost

Pontoon boat trailers on the market cost as low as $600 to $8000+. The price of pontoon boat trailers would depend on its materials/construction, size, capacity, and style.

Best Pontoon Trailers

Here are our top picks for the best pontoon boat trailers that will surely deliver.

Are pontoon boats hard to trailer?

Pontoon boats are quite easy to load, unload and tow with the help of trailers that match correctly with your toons. Here are some tips to help you trailer your boats with ease.

  • Don’t pull the trailer in too deep. All you have to do is to pull the trailer in deep enough that the tops of the wheel wells are barely under.
  • Don’t trail in high winds because you’ll have a tough time navigating and trailering in this certain weather condition.
  • As much as possible let everyone off the boat before you load your pontoons back to the trailers.

Check out this YouTube video for more helpful tips on how to trailer pontoon boats the right way.

Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoon boats are a great way to have some outdoor family fun on the lake or a party with friends out on the open sea. Check out these practical must-have pontoon boat accessories to add to your boat for smooth sailing.

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