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Best Pontoon Boat Trailers To Keep Your Boats Safe On The Road

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Before you get your pontoon boat ready for action, you must get pontoon boat trailers that would safely carry your toons across major roads and some inevitable off-road situations. If you’re in the market for one, here is a guide to help you pick out the best pontoon boat trailer that matches your ride.

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What Exactly Is a Pontoon Boat Trailer?

The main function of a pontoon boat trailer is to carry your toons allowing you to tow them across roads until launching them to a specific spot or destination. They are also used in storing your pontoon boats as they are where your pontoon boats will sit during the winter.

Types of Pontoon Boat Trailers

There are two types of pontoon boat trailers with each having a set of advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at their differences and see what is the perfect match for your pontoon boats.

Scissor Style Pontoon Boat Trailers

This type of pontoon boat trailer is quite narrow and comes with a center lift mechanism that slides in between the tubes of your pontoon boats. It is named so because of the scissor-like action it makes when lifting the boat. 


  • Quick and easy to be retrieved and launched from even the shallowest of water
  • Universal style and can accommodate different types of pontoon boats
  • Allows you to lower the pontoon boat to the ground and then remove the trailer and be launched in shallow water.


  • Not the best for long-distance towing
  • Tipping over is more common due to its smaller wheelbase
  • Pontoon boats tend to rock back and forth or side to side since it doesn’t really support the toons

Bunk Style Pontoon Boat Trailers

Unlike the scissor style trailers, the Bunk style is a full-width trailer that cradles the entire pontoon boat providing a bunk for each of the tubes. 


  • Ideal for long drives at a faster speed
  • A lesser tendency for your pontoon boats to move while traveling
  • Better for larger pontoon boats and heavier engines


  • More difficult to maneuver when loading and unloading boats
  • Requires more storage space

How To Choose Pontoon Boat Trailers

Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a pontoon boat trailer.

Length of The Trailer

Pontoon boat trailers should have 3’-4’ larger than the length of your toons to allow for a swing radius at the front of the pontoons. Doing this will provide enough trailer tongues during sharp turns, thus preventing the front of your tubes from hitting the rear of the towing vehicles.

Pontoon Boat Weight

It’s important to know the weight of your pontoon boats plus the engine to determine whether you need a single (two tires) or tandem axle (four tires) pontoon trailer. 

Single axles on average have a 2000 to 2200 lbs weight capacity while tandem axle trailers can accommodate larger boats up to about 7,500 pounds of weight.

Brakes On Trailers

Brake laws may vary from state to state and should always be considered even though they make your purchase a bit pricey. Brake laws are determined based on the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of the trailer. Brakes are usually not required for single axles but for tandem or triple axles, it is usually required to have at least one axle to have brakes.

This brake saves your vehicle from being pushed by your boat trailers on a sudden stop.

Tow Vehicle Capacity

You can typically find this information on the vehicle owner’s manual. Knowing this will determine how heavy your trailer should be. To prevent damages to your vehicle and accidents along the way make sure you pick a trailer that does not exceed the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle.


Having a fixed budget will help you narrow down the search for the best pontoon boat trailers that suit your needs. Prices may vary from place to place and typically increase if there are additional features included.

Is It Hard To Trailer A Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats are quite easy to load, unload and tow with the help of trailers that match correctly with your toons. Here are some tips to help you trailer your boats with ease.

  • Don’t pull the trailer in too deep. All you have to do is to pull the trailer in deep enough that the tops of the wheel wells are barely under.
  • Don’t trail in high winds because you’ll have a tough time navigating and trailering in this certain weather condition.
  • As much as possible let everyone off the boat before you load your pontoons back to the trailers.

Check out this video for more helpful tips on how to trailer pontoon boats the right way

What Is The Best Trailer For A Pontoon Boat?

There’s no better way to conveniently travel your pontoon boats aside from using trailers. Whatever size or style your pontoon boats have, there’s definitely one that matches them perfectly. In Case you’re wondering what options to choose from, here are our top picks for the best pontoon boat trailers that will surely deliver.

Hoosier WFB Float-On Trailer

The Hoosier WFB Float-On Trailer allows you to tow your boats with ease no matter where you’re headed and can be used in different bodies of water. It is designed to easily launch your boat in low water areas and offers features that allow for better boat handling while on the road.

It is adjustable and can accommodate most pontoon boats, plus it has an 84″ wide track axle which makes it more stable on the road. It is available in 13 different models which come in single, tandem, and triple axle configurations. 

Key features: 84″ wide track axle, 20.5 x 8 x 10″ tires and wheels, torsion axle with independent suspension, adjustable bunks, treated bunks, and water-resistant tail lights

Check Full Details at Hoosier

Load Rite P-Series Pontoon Trailer

The P-Series Load Rite pontoon trailer offers features that work perfectly on the boating scene. It is made of galvanized steel frame for superior anti-corrosion protection and long-lasting use. The galvanization process prevents corrosion which happens on prolonged exposure to water. Every Load Rite pontoon trailer is engineered with awesome features like galvanized torsion axle suspension for a sturdy, smooth and quiet time on the road. 

It is also available with a standard with smooth stopping disc brakes that is self-cleaning and adjustable. All of these features are backed by the industry-leading Load Rite 2 + 3 Warranty.

Key Features: Galvanized torsion axle suspension, Bias-Ply Tires, LED Lighting, full-length, adjustable, carpeted bunks, two slip-resistant steps, manual winch, and tongue jacks.

Full Specifications & Features at Load Rite

Karavan Single Axle Aluminum Pontoon Trailer

With so many awesome features, the Karavan Single Axle Aluminum Pontoon Trailer is a perfect fit for boat life. One feature to highlight is its aluminum construction which stands up to salt and prevents corrosion. It is also fit for smaller pontoons up to 18′ in length and is easy to move and turn given its single-axle design. It comes with built-in smart lighting and wheel bearing systems for a safe and hassle-free ride.

Key Features: Sway Control engineering, Aluminum design, tritoon kit compatible, winch stand ladder, Quiet tow componentry, optional low maintenance disc brakes.

Full Specifications & Features at Karavan Trailers

Load Rite Galvanized Tandem & Tri-Axle AB Bunk

This heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanized trailer from Load Rite offers a multiple set of axles and is built to handle long hauls and wear and tear on the road. It offers more stability on the road and will ensure your pontoon boat’s safety even if one tire blows out while on the road. The frames are extremely corrosion resistant which makes it a tough trailer even if exposed to salt, mud, or freshwater. The adjustable bunk system is designed with space between the front and rear bunks to accommodate overhead sling loading and offers maximum support for your boats.

The Load Rite Galvanized Tandem & Tri-Axle AB Bunk is available in 11 different models that can accommodate a wide variety of boat sizes and weights. 

Key features: Galvanized frame, torsion axles, disc brakes on all wheels, bead-balanced radial tires, LED lights, one-piece aluminum fenders, carpeted bunks mounted on galvanized steel bunk tubes, winch and tongue jack

Full Specifications & Features at Load Rite

Wolverine All-Pro Bunk Style Trailer

The Wolverine bunk style trailer is available in 4 models that are perfect for different needs and budgets. It’s A perfect smooth pulling trailer that ensures that you and your boats are safe while trailering. The complete axle assembly including the fender can be moved forward and backward with ease which helps you obtain the perfect tongue weight distribution. 

Adjustable 8’ long horizontal load guides are standard on all float-on trailers except on the All- American models. These load guides allow you to move your pontoon boats out of the water with ease saving you so much time and effort. 

Key Features: Aluminum treadplate fenders, Steel 5″x2″ galvanized steel tubing, the capacity of 3500 – 10500 lbs including trailer weight, 3500lb axle, Load guides.

Full Specifications & Features at Wolverine Trailers

How Much Do Pontoon Boat Trailers Cost?

Pontoon boat trailers on the market cost as low as $600 to $8000+. The price of pontoon boat trailers would depend on its materials/construction, size, capacity, and style.

What Size Trailer Do I Need For A Pontoon Boat?

The basic rule is to choose a trailer size that is 3’-4’ longer than the length of the pontoon boat. For example, a 21’ pontoon boat should have a 24’-25’ trailer.

You need to have a longer trailer due to the swing radius of the front of the pontoons. Getting the exact length like that of your pontoons would result in the front tubes hitting the back of your tow vehicles during sharp turns since there is no extra space present. 

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