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The 5 Best Locally Sourced Restaurants In Abingdon, Virginia

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Foodie Travelers, “If you’re always searching for the best places to travel and indulge in delicious meals, our guide on the top restaurants in Abingdon, Virginia is a must-read for you. Our expertly curated resource guide highlights the must-try dining experiences in this charming town, from classic southern cuisine to unique farm-to-table options. Don’t miss out on the delicious culinary adventures Abingdon has to offer while you’re exploring the best places to travel.

“Discover the culinary delights of the small Appalachian town of Abingdon, Virginia. This destination is a food lover’s paradise, with a wide variety of delicious restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, our guide to the best restaurants in Abingdon, VA has got you covered. From classic southern cuisine to unique farm-to-table options, you won’t be disappointed with the delectable options available in this charming town.”

Best Restaurants In Abingdon, Virginia
Best Restaurants In Abingdon, Virginia

Keep scrolling as we have rounded up the top 5 restaurants in Abingdon, VA that we are confident even Chef Ramsay would give a stamp of approval.

What is Abingdon VA known for?

Abingdon, Virginia is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, about 40 miles south of Wytheville and approximately 125 miles northeast of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is part of Washington County, which was established in 1776 when Virginia declared its independence from Britain.

Check out our story about the best restaurants in Abingdon.

Abingdon is known for its picturesque and historic downtown area, which includes a variety of restaurants, shops, galleries and theater venues.

Abingdon is also home to several historic sites, including The Martha Washington Inn & Spa, Barter Theatre, and The Fields-Penn 1860 House Museum. Additionally, the Virginia Creeper Trail offers an array of outdoor activities for nature lovers to enjoy.

abingdon va restaurants
Best Restaurants In Abingdon, Virginia

Abingdon is a great place to visit for its history and culture, but also for its natural beauty. Surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, Abingdon offers breathtaking views and plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors.

The 5 Best Locally Sourced Restaurants In Abingdon Virginia

Here are the best restaurants you may want to check out.

Be sure to check local mandates and restrictions before visiting these restaurants in Abingdon. Here are the latest rules regarding indoor dining in Virginia.



Abingdon, Virginia is but one of the many places to visit in Virginia. If you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of Cheap Family Vacations in Virginia too!

If you’re in search of great places to stay while in Virginia, then you need to see this list of unique places to stay in Virginia.

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Bonnie Brewer West

Friday 8th of February 2019

My brother George Brewer is the General Manager at the Country Suite Inns in Abington, Va. It is an awesome place to stay with an awesome staff. Give it a try next time you are there or your first time there.

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