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Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

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If you haven’t been to the Ride Royal Blue Off road Park yet, you are missing out! In this recreational ATV riding resource guide, we’ll explore why it is one of the best ATV parks in Tennessee.

This ATV resort offers a wide variety of activities and amenities for ATV enthusiasts to enjoy, including trails, campsites, cabins, and more!

ride royal blue off road park
Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

With its incredible terrain, stunning views and abundance of activities to choose from, it’s no wonder why Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort has become one of most popular destinations for riding ATV trails in Tennessee.

Read on to learn more about the park and why it should be your first choice for an ATV adventure.

Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

6307 Stinking Creek Rd, Pioneer, TN 37847

Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort is an off-road adventure paradise located in the beautiful North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area in Tennessee. This family-owned park offers more than 600 miles of trails that traverse across 200,000 acres – boasting remarkable views for off-road adventurers to enjoy!

The most difficult paths are clearly marked and rated for difficulty, plus meticulously maintained. As you make your way through dense forests and mountainsides, there are plenty of things to see at the Ride Royal Blue including an array of surprises: from picturesque abandoned mines to massive boulder formations as well as cascading waterfalls.

And don’t forget about all those captivating streams crossings along with a few small jumps sprinkled among steep hill climbs.

Not only ATVs but different kinds of outdoor vehicles are welcome, from dual sport and trail bikes to four-wheel drive trucks, jeeps, rail buggies, and mountain bikes.

Whether you’re an experienced rider looking for a thrilling off-road experience or a beginner searching for family-friendly trails, Ride Royal Blue off road park has something to offer everyone.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! There are 120 RV sites at the Ride Royal Blue campground, over 60 cabins and many other amenities for you to enjoy. Check out Ride Royal Blue Map for specifics on the trails, campgrounds and more.

Ride Royal Blue Permits

Permits are required for each vehicle visiting Ride Royal Blue off road park. To purchase a permit, please visit the State website or scan the QR code posted on their official website.

Purchase a permit online for convenience, and have it printed out before you arrive at Ride Royal Blue off road park. Remember to keep your permit with you always – be prepared to show it upon request!

Tennessee Residents

  • Daily Permit: Type 36 ($15 per day)
  • Annual Pass: Type 1 plus Type 93 ($53)
  • Junior Annual ( 13± ): Type 2 plus Type 94 ($35)
  • Passengers and Children 12 and below: FREE

*A Sportsman and Lifetime License holder, as well as Active Military Member, will cover your riding permit.

Non Residents

  • Daily Permit: Type 38 ($37 per day)
  • Seven-day pass: Type 72 + Type 93 ($81)
  • Annual Pass: Type 71 + Type 93 ($130)
  • Junior Annual ( 13± ): Type 70 + Type 94 ($36)
  • Passengers and Children 12 and below: FREE

Best Trails at Ride Royal Blue

Accessible directly from the Ride Royal Blue Campground are various OHV areas, such as The Royal Blue, Sundquist, New River, and Tackett Creek. Each of these amazing spots has a range of trails with varying difficulty levels to accommodate visitors from all stages – making them perfect for everyone!

The Royal Blue

This sprawling OHV unit is comprised of two distinct areas; the Royal Blue ATV Area and the historic Sand Mines. The Royal Blue ATV area, closely affiliated with the campground and resort, is a great place for ATV’s and SxS riders.

For those who prefer full-sized 4×4 vehicles, try exploring the historic Sand Mines area. This storied spot has its own range of challenging terrain, so get ready for some off-road action!

Sundquist Unit

The Sundquist Wildlife Management Area is known especially for its rocky and rugged trails. Here, you’ll find a variety of terrain, from deep mud holes to steep hills – perfect for testing your driving skills. In addition to exciting trail riding, Sundquist is a popular destination for bird watchers.

It also boasts The Hatfield Knob Elk Viewing Tower, where thousands of nature lovers have been able to witness Tennessee’s first wild elk herd in their natural habitat!

New River

For ATV lovers and 4×4 fanatics alike, the New River area is the perfect place to explore. With a whopping 100+ miles of maintained trails awaiting you, this system offers an array of exciting points of interest, including waterfalls, stunning views, and mines!

Tackett Creek

Tucked away northeast of Sunquist WMA is the Tackett Creek OHV area. Accessible from Ride Royal blue, although it may be tricky to reach due to its rough terrain.

This small but mighty OHV area is perfect for those looking to explore more challenging ATV trails. Tackett Creek has a range of pathways that will keep you on your toes as you navigate winding paths, abandoned mines, and rock(& boulder!) infested terrain.

ride royal blue off road park
Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

Take advantage of the Royal Blue/Sundquist/New River area’s extensive 600-mile network of trails! Swing by the general store to get the free trail maps.

Cabins Near Ride Royal Blue 

When you’re planning an outdoor excursion or a family vacation, consider staying at one of the many cabins in and near the Ride Royal Blue area.

Tucked away in scenic wooded valleys along the banks of rushing mountain streams, these cabins provide comfortable accommodations for all types of visitors.

  • Ride Royal Blue Onsite Cabins– the resort offers 40 cabins, ranging from rustic to luxurious. Perfect for families or large groups, ATV clubs are also welcome! If you’re seeking an intimate stay in the woods or something more contemporary there’s a cabin that will fit your needs.
  • Eagle Rock Resort & Campground- This is an affiliate resort of the Ride Royal blue which offers RV sites, fully furnished cabins, loft suites, condominiums, and tent sites.
  • Walden Woods– A family-owned property that boasts 4 gorgeous cabins featuring spacious porches with rocking chairs and an amazing mountain view.
  • 1Bed/1 Bath Cabin(sleeps in 4)– Located just less than a mile from the Ride Royal Blue riding trails is this highly rated private rental cabin.

Ride Royal Blue ATV Rentals

Unfortunately, Ride Royal Blue ATV resort does not offer ATV rentals. The resort is focused on providing a premium experience with direct access to the best off-road trails and terrain.

However, if you are looking for ATV rentals, there are a few local businesses in the area that can provide you with what you need.

One such business is Royal Blue Adventures. They offer ATV rentals and guided tours, with a variety of vehicles to choose from including 2-seater and 4-seater machines available for one or multiple days.

Ride Royal Blue Rules

Visiting Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort can be a great way to have an adventure and explore the outdoors. To ensure that everyone has the best time possible, there are some rules and guidelines to keep in mind when visiting.

  • All riders must wear a DOT ATV helmet and goggles for safety purposes. If riding a SxS (Side-by-side), the use of seat belts is mandatory. This applies to children under 18 years old as well.
  • Operators of All-Terrain Vehicles must be 16 or older and possess a valid driver’s license. Riding is only permissible during daylight hours, which encompass 30 minutes before dawn and after dusk. Riders should remain on designated and posted roads.
  • The speed limits on the trails is 25 mph and inside the campground is 10 mph.
  • Dispose of all garbage in the provided dumpsters located throughout the resort. Refrain from leaving trash inside any cabins or throwing cans, bottles and other items into fire rings or outdoor areas.
  • Please be courteous to your fellow guests and keep noise levels at a minimum. Quiet Time from 11 PM until 8 AM each day.
  • Pets are only allowed at the RV area and pet-friendly designated cabins. Pets must be on a leash when outside at all times.
  • Alcohol consumption is allowed in a responsible manner at the campground. Alcohol can be taken along on the trails, but must remain inside of your ATV cooler and cannot be openly carried.
Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort
Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort

Don’t forget to read the complete list of general information and rules on their official website at Ride Royal Blue ATV Resorts and Campground. These are only a few of many regulations that guests must follow while visiting!

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