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Summer Family Road Trip With Kids

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Time to take a road trip with kids and visit some of the best places to travel in the US! There is no time like now to take a road trip with your children no matter what their ages. With these tips, it’s possible to hit the road with your family this summer and still keep everyone happy!

When you are traveling with car seats, toddler equipment, and a whole host of must-have tech devices and toys, a road trip may sound like the ideal plan. By the looks of it, other Americans agree.

road trip with kids
Planning a Road Trip with Kids

A recent survey from People shows that Americans prefer road trips to the destination– and most especially the spontaneous ones! 

If taking a road trip to some of the sounds like an ideal getaway for you, keep the following considerations in mind!

Planning A Road Trip With Kids

If you have a teen who is mad about Fortnite or other games, they may not be over the moon about a road trip to a national park or other natural areas. However, scientists are consistently warning Americans that they simply aren’t getting enough Vitamin ‘N’.

Most children spend up to 90% of their time indoors, which means they are being deprived of the stress-busting, concentration-enhancing effects of the Great Outdoors.

When planning your trip, it is important for everyone to have a little say in the types of places they would like to visit.

Your list may include art galleries, kids’ activity parks, water parks, and the like, but ideally, a big of time under the wonderful sunshine should be included as well. Unstructured outdoor play is vital for older and younger children as well.

Choosing the Right Family Road Trip Vehicle

Once you have decided your choice of destination and everyone has made their own bucket list of activities to be enjoyed once you get there, ensuring you have a safe, sturdy vehicle is important.

Your daily sedan may not cut the cake when it comes to fitting suitcases, strollers, and even the family pet (who will need to travel in a well-secured crate).

Many families find that renting an RV can kill two birds with one stone: it provides them with all the space they need but also allows them to stop wherever they fancy.

Not only that, the larger the vehicle, the less susceptible it is to motion, so an RV or van may be ideal if your kids have motion sickness.

Traveling in an RV allows for longer or shorter stays, depending on how it all goes for kids and adults.

It’s important to find places that allow kids to play sports, swim, trek, and take part in other activities that may be more available in places you had not initially considered visiting.

road trip with kids
Planning a Road Trip with Kids

Taking Care of Health Matters

Aim to visit your pediatrician before you leave, in case they recommend medication. This might be the case in severe cases, which are fortunately rare. Here are some medications and natural items you may need in your first aid kit:

  • Vinegar for jellyfish stings
  • Anti-bacterial cream
  • Bandages, tweezers, etc.
  • Preventive treatments for motion sickness, to which children aged two to twelve are more susceptible than adults.
  • Bring snacks and encourage kids to eat small amounts frequently.
  • Natural remedies like ginger (kids can chew on raw or candied ginger) and peppermint.

In addition to packing all the things that may need in your first aid kit, you should also ensure that any place you visit has optimal medical and emergency installations nearby.

How Do I Entertain My Kids On A Road Trip?

Road trips with kids– particularly those centered around camping and nature– allow for so many occasions in which the family has time to simply ‘be’ together.

During those odd moments when activities aren’t filling your day, why not take a nice hike together, toast marshmallows by the fire, and play games?

Check out our tips for hiking with kids

Bring an arsenal of road trip games and be sure to include games that older and younger children enjoy.

Choosing Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy On The Road Trip

To hit the mark when it comes to pleasing younger and older children, making nature a focal point of your trip will do wonders.

While teens can enjoy adrenalin-charged activities like ATV riding and zip lining, the smaller children will simply love walking through meadows, smelling the flowers, and partaking in a fun picnic on the beach.



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