Rustic Home Decor Inspiration For Your Thanksgiving Table

Rustic Home Decor Inspiration For Your Thanksgiving Table

Rustic Decor Inspiration For Your Thanksgiving Table

Rustic decor? What is that?  Well, it goes by a few other names you may have heard. 

  • country decor
  • farmhouse decor 
  • primitive decor
  • cabin decor
If you grew up in the Appalachian mountains like I have, you may think of rustic home decor as the stuff grandma used to collect.  In my mind rustic decor is any decor that inspires feelings of a country home or a cabin. In the fall it’s a decor that brings memories of being snuggled up by a fire or tucked away in a cabin on the mountainside.  It can be black bear decor, rustic flags and cabin signs (my personal favorite), or elements from the outdoors brought in to create the feeling of nature in your home. 
Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving Tables

When I am not perusing Pinterest in search of travel ideas and road trip tips, I am filling up my “Cabinspiration” boards with beautiful images and ideas to dream about.  I also love snapping photos of rustic signs and decor when out and about  (especially if I am visiting the Smokies) for inspiration. 

Being a lover of nature and the Smokies, I am naturally drawn to cabins and rustic decor.  I also don’t consider myself to be, how shall we say, “fru-fru” so I prefer understated, down home, country decor. 

Here are 5 easy rustic decor ideas that inspired me recently.

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I have dreamed for years about spending Thanksgiving in a Cabin in the Smokies. Perhaps one day I will make that dream come true.  I really love the simplicity of the table setting in this Smoky mountain cabin.  The hewn log columns in the cabin really bring the outdoors into this dining room.  I never considered antlers in design elements before, but after seeing this chandelier, I was inspired to look for more antler themed rustic decor ideas on Pinterest. To my surprise I found more than a few that I really liked. 

Where Eagles Fly cabin is located in Gatlinburg, TN.  To check rates and see more views of the cabin and surrounding Smoky Mountains click here. 

My young daughter has a real eye for design and helped me choose this Thanksgiving tablescape from Southern Living.  The burlap, antlers, and pumpkin combination work well for this farm table look. 

3. Colonial Thanksgiving by Houzz

Interior Styling Projects - Traditional - Dining Room - Houston - by Carla Aston | Interior Designer

Who’s been to Williamsburg, VA?  I just love love love this very simple decor found on Houzz.  Have you ever used Houzz?  I have only recently discovered it, but it’s like Pinterest only BETTER!!  You can find so much inspiration there and then, you can SHOP THE IMAGE!!  You can even find an interior designer in your town.  Get out!

4. Primitive Throw Back

Here is another primitive  throwback to the Colonial days from Country Living. I love the pewter goblets and the color of the pears perfectly match my dining room walls.  This one definitely rises to the top of possibilities for this  year’s table and could serve as a Christmas table as well. 

5. Antler Inspired Harvest

Finally, in keeping with my newfound love for antlers and simplicity, I found this tablescape to be charming.  Again, simple elements from the garden, yet elegant, dinnerware make this tablescape easy for anyone to put together. 

What’s your decorating style?  Do you prefer elegant, rustic, or decked to the nines?  



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