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RV Checklists To Help You Plan For The Camping Season

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Getting a new RV is exciting. It can also be a little scary. Who am I kidding? It can be a lot scary. The first time my husband sent me a text from work to say we were going camping for the weekend and I needed to “get everything ready” I panicked.

Before I created my Digital RV checklists, the conversation in my head went something like this:

rv camping checklists

“What does he mean by, ‘everything’?” I thought. Does he mean the way we get ready to go on a road trip?”

“I just need to pack our bags and throw some snacks in the car and we are good to go, right?”


Oh…, that was most certainly, NOT, what he meant.

He meant, “Get the RV Camper ready.”

Wait, what? You want me to flush the what through the what? With Bleach? Septic system? What on earth are you talking about?

Have I sufficiently portrayed the state of panic I go into EVERY SEASON when it’s time to get the camper ready? Despite having helped with it over and over, I still get very nervous.

You would think the owner’s manual would be all I need, but something happens in my brain when I get that thing out and start looking through all the paragraphs and diagrams.

I decided it was time to get a better tool. In fact, I decided I needed a few different tools in my arsenal than just my owner’s manual when it comes to preparing for camping. I needed some sort of RV checklists.

One day when I wasn’t under the pressure of getting “everything” ready, I created these RV checklists. Now, I am prepared for the next time I get the text from my husband to,

“Get everything ready, we are going camping.”

If I Don’t Have An RV Checklist, I Will Forget Something!

I don’t know about you, but with three kids, two businesses, and a household to run, if I don’t have a checklist, I will definitely forget to do or pack something!

Usually, I don’t remember several “somethings”. 

Get MY RV Departure Checklists NOW

Every year when we get the camper out of storage, I find myself asking the same questions over and over. 

“Now, what did I leave in the camper from last year?”  

“Do I need to buy more paper plates?”

“I remember really wishing I had a new frying pan last year, did I buy it before we ended the season?”

And the list goes on and on.  

This especially becomes a problem when the camper is still in storage and I’m trying to remember what I need to purchase a few weeks before we get the camper ready.

The Beauty of Interactive Digital RV Packing Checklists

The Interactive Digital RV packing checklists are for every room in your travel trailer.

Having an RV checklist you can use on your mobile device is really helpful because let’s face it, sometimes you forget where you put the the printable list, but we rarely forget our phones! 

These RV Packing Checklists can be downloaded to your desktop or mobile device and used via Google sheets or Microsoft Excel. 

The best part about these RV checklists are that they are interactive and can be added to or edited from anywhere.

That means you can use your desktop or phone to check off items you already have in the house before you go into the camper.

Then as you go through the camper looking for the items you need, everything you added while in your house will be right at your fingertips.


Any changes you make on your phone or desktop will be updated in real time.

Why does this matter?

When you pack up your camper away for the season, you often leave some items in the camper (paper plates, flatware, soap), but you may not remember that by next year when it’s time to shop for the upcoming RV camping season.

Inevitably, You end up buying more paper plates or flatware only to discover when you get to the camper that you didn’t need to buy more.

Right away, you can see how these RV checklists can save you money.

As you are packing away the camper for the winter, simply check off the items you are leaving in the camper before putting it away for storage and next year when you begin to shop for the items you need for the camping season, you won’t accidentally buy more than you need.

The best part about my RV Packing and Departure lists (below) is that they are digital and can be used in both Google sheets and Microsoft Excel.

The second best part is that you can get them in a print version if you don’t use Google sheets, but I highly recommend you consider using Google sheets because that is what makes these tools shine.

Interactive RV De-Winterizing & Departure Lists

Now, let’s talk about what really made me panic that day I received the text to, ‘get everything ready’?

Forgetting to pack dish towels or even underwear doesn’t send me into the state of panic as much as de-winterizing the RV camper every season.

After creating the RV checklists for packing, I also created these Interactive RV Departure checklists.

RV Departure Lists

The most stressful part of the owner’s manual is deciphering all the steps to getting the camper out of storage and back in working order for the camping season. Especially that part about flushing the water lines so as not to POISON YOUR FAMILY!

With the Ultimate RV Departure Bundle, you will have all the steps conveniently located in a spreadsheet that you can check off one by one as you complete them. Once you are finished, simply uncheck the steps and you are ready to do it again next time.

These work in the same way as the packing checklists on your Google sheets app, but they are much more in depth and offer you RV checklists for every step you need to take to get your camper ready.

There are over 200 steps to getting your RV ready, by the way!

Is it any wonder I panic?

Not anymore. These checklists are very helpful and much more efficient than flipping through the owner’s manual.

**A word of disclaimer, however, is warranted**– These checklists will not REPLACE your owner’s manual when it comes to operations and safety. They merely provide, well, a CHECKLIST, to help jog your memory.


Getting the Camper Ready, Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful If You Have The Right RV Checklists

Don’t be like me and panic when the hubby texts and says, “Get the camper ready.”

Instead, be prepared with the right RV checklists so you can get excited and ENJOY both the process and the journey!

Still not sure, yet? Don’t go away empty handed. Sign up for our newsletter and I will send you a printable version of our Kitchen Packing List as well as our RV Trip Planner.

free rv kitchen checklist

A few days after you sign up, you will also receive a free version of our Interactive checklists with an RV Departure list for leaving the campground.

Because the second most stressful part of seasonal camping, is tearing the camper down and leaving, but again, with a great list, it doesn’t have to be!

Shop Our RV Checklists

There’s nothing quite so stressful as forgetting something at the campground or failing to complete an important task on your RV when departing.

From RV checklists for packing your kitchen, to departure checklists, to RV winterizing, and planning your camping meals, we have something for everyone. Check out our RV shop page to find the perfect RV camping checklist for your needs.

And don’t worry. If you don’t like our products or they don’t meet your needs, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Most companies won’t refund your purchase of a digital product, but we want you to be completely satisfied to try our products risk free.

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