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20 RV Christmas Decorations And Tips For A Merry Camping Christmas!

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RV camping doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the Christmas spirit. Embrace the magic of the season with creative and cozy RV Christmas decorations.

Whether you’re parked at a campground or traveling the open road, these ideas will help make your RV merry and bright this holiday season.

RV Christmas Decorations
RV Christmas Decorations

As the holiday season approaches, many of us look forward to decking the halls with festive decor. But what if your home away from home is on wheels?

Decorating your campers for Christmas doesn’t have to be frustrating because we got you covered. 

Make this year’s holiday camping jolly and bright with these adorable RV Christmas decorations and ideas.  

How Do I Decorate My RV For Christmas?

Whether you’re aiming to be the center of attraction on the campgrounds or you just want a little bit of the holiday spirit on your motorhomes, these RV Christmas decorations will save you sweat. 

Hang a Wreath On Your RV Door

Greet your visitors with some holiday cheers by hanging a nice Wreath on your RV doors. You can go for something as simple as an evergreen wreath with a few ornaments in it. You can also put some lights around the wreath if you’re feeling a little extra. 

Use command hooks to hang your Christmas wreath on your RV doors.

Add Some Holiday-themed Window clings

Window clings are cute, inexpensive, and convenient RV Christmas decorations you can add to your list. They are so simple and easy to put on your RV windows, you can even let the kids help you decorate.

Hang Christmas Garlands

Many love hanging garlands on the inside and even outside of their campers. The most popular ones are Pine and Tinsel garlands, aside from these you can also use ribbons and strings as your garland.

These Christmas decors usually come with wire linings making them flexible so you can easily put them wherever you want and fold them together easily for storing after the holidays are over. 

Hang Christmas Lights

Lights are an absolute must when we talk about RV Christmas decor. Seeing them light up makes everyone cheery and filled with the holiday spirit. You can put them on your window seals, around a wreath, on a Christmas tree, hang them on your RV awnings, and more. 

There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to Christmas lights, from the traditional string lights to lights that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Also, be sure to check the campground rules before you put Christmas lights outside your campers.

Put Up A Christmas Tree

The kind of Christmas tree you will be needing will depend on the space that you have inside your campers. You don’t want to put up a tree that’s taking too much space, there are small Christmas trees available on the market that are just enough to fit inside a tiny RV. Tabletop mini trees, skinny Christmas trees, and the nontraditional wall Christmas tree are some popular kinds you can put inside your RVs.

But if you still want a bit larger kind of tree makes sure to measure the height of your RV ceilings first.

Add Christmas Ornaments

To make things, even more, Christmassy, don’t forget to add some adorable Christmas ornaments. Add these tiny little accents to your wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees. 

Wrap Your RV Cabinets 

Use a wide bow and wrap it around your cabinet doors finishing it with a nice bow at the center, this would make your RV cabinets look like Christmas presents. This is a super easy and cheap alternative to decorating your campers.

Holiday Stockings

You can hang some classic Christmas stockings on the edge of your beds, on Christmas trees, in cabinets, and around your RV fireplace if you have one. 

Holiday Pillows And Blankets

Adding to our list of must-have RV Christmas decorations are some cute holiday-themed pillows and blankets perfect for your living space and bedrooms. Aside from being the perfect accent for your RV interior they also provide warmth and comfort when it starts to get chilly on camp.

Tips for Decorating Your RV for Christmas

There are so many ways to decorate your campers for the holiday. But sometimes it can be difficult, especially for campers who are not born to be part of the, let’s say…decorating committee(LOL!) But since Christmas is all about giving, we’re sharing with you some tips to help you decorate your campers for the holidays.

  • Choose a Christmas theme that you want. It’s easier to pick out decors if you have a specific theme in mind. A unified style and color scheme would help make your camper look classy and feel at home. 

Some of the most popular themes are Winter wonderland, Rustic Christmas theme, beach-themed decors, Santa and elf themes, and Farmhouse Christmas Themes.

  • Before setting up your lights, make sure that you’re not exceeding your available wattage. It would also help if you bring your RV generators with you. You can also choose to use battery-operated lights to save power.
  • Ready your suction cups or command hooks because there will be a lot of hanging to do.
  • Choose RV Christmas decorations that won’t break easily, pack flat, and are lightweight. 
  • Decorate vertically, go for decors that can be hung or won’t take up so much of your floor space and countertops. 
  • Reusable decors are the best, for example, for your garland, add some pumpkin ornament on it and you’ve got a Halloween decor. You can also use them for Thanksgiving, just add some leaves and pinecones instead.
RV Christmas Decorations
RV Christmas Decorations

Storing Your RV Christmas Decorations

Storing your RV Christmas decor before and after the Holiday season can be a bit tricky so we’ve listed some of the best tips on how to store these decorations so you won’t have to stress yourself out this holiday season.

  • For Full-time RVers, you have to make space for the decors. Put them in boxes and set them aside in your RVs storage area, you can also put them under your bed, cabinets, or closets.
  • Some full-time RVers choose to have separate storage sheds where they put some of their belongings.
  • After the Holiday season is over, you can mail your Christmas decorations home but make sure that you have a family or trusted someone who can receive them back home.
  • Storing your Christmas decorations at home makes more sense if you’re just camping for the holidays and not extending for long. Bring the decor before you leave and bring them back home after your holiday trip is over. 
  • You can always use natural Christmas decorations for your RVs. Real evergreen branches or berries are perfect as decors, you don’t have to worry about storing them because you can simply throw them after you’re done, just make sure you throw them at appropriate locations.
  • Consider buying inexpensive decors that you don’t mind donating after the holidays are over. Donating some stuff will free up your RV space.

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