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The Best RV Security Systems To Protect Your Investment

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When RV camping, it’s hard to keep everything safe all the time. That’s why you need a good RV security system to guard your campers from unwanted theft or damage.
Whether you’re seldom on the road or live in your RV full time, here are 8 of the best security options for you to choose from.

The Best RV Security Systems
The Best RV Security Systems

What Are The Things To Consider For In An RV Security System?

Before choosing a security option for your RV, here are some tips and things to consider on how to choose a great RV security system

  • Easy and Simple Installation

Installing devices on an RV can be quite overwhelming, especially for beginners. Most RV security systems out there come with complicated manuals which makes installation such a mess. The best options out there usually come with simple and easy-to-understand manuals so make sure you look out for that.

  • Detection Alerts

The best security options out there come equipped with motion detectors and other varieties of sensors. These features should notify you immediately when there is something unusual going on around or inside your RV.

  • Monitoring Options

Most RV security systems come with monitoring options, some can be monitored via phone, through computers, or both. Just make sure that you’re choosing something with a monitoring option that best works for you.

8 RV Security Systems You Should Consider To Protect Your RV Investment

Buying an RV is a big investment. Some RVs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is only natural that you would want to protect your vehicle from vandalism or theft. Here are some of the best RV security systems.

Here are 8 RV Security Systems that won’t break your budget, but will add an extra measure of protection and comfort for you.

Wsdcam Door Alarm Wireless System

The Wsdcam door alarm wireless system is a simple alarm system you can use for your rig when you are on a budget.

It has a peel-and-stick installation and a very loud alarm designed to deter any intruder on your RV.

There are four modes on the alarm system including panic activation, arming, disarming, and a doorbell.

You can control these modes via remote control, up to 50 feet. One remote can be paired with 50 alarms and one alarm can be paired with 8 remote controls, giving you and your family members perfect control of your security while camping.

Tattletale portable security system

The Tattletale Portable Security System has taken the issue of RV security seriously with its wireless, tamper proof design. Once you activate the device and someone tampers with it, the system sends you a message or contacts the police in a split second.

This is a system that gives you about a 20-hour battery back and sends you text messages whenever someone (or something) tampers with your RV.

It also monitors any fire breakouts inside or close to your vehicle. There are a built-in motion detector, a siren, and a strobe on this security system. 

HeimVision Wireless Security Camera

HeimVision Wireless Security Camera captures images and videos on a high-definition capacity and sends them to your smartphone. It is also a waterproof camera with night vision capabilities.

The camera on this system switches itself to night vision automatically when darkness creeps in. This is a great feature as it takes away the need to keep arming the system when it gets dark.

And since it uses a rechargeable battery as well as solar energy, you do not have to worry about the camera going off while you are not there.

The alerts you get on your phone from this system are real-time, and you also have the option to back up the data to cloud storage. 

DeWalt MOBILELOCK Alarm System

When it comes to the manufacturing of power tools, DeWalt has built a reputation as one of the household brands to reckon with.

In this MOBILELOCK security system, the company has not spared any expense to bring you a world-class alarm system that will give you peace of mind whenever you go camping.

The DeWalt DS600 alarm system is portable and has a GPS locator that gives you real-time information of where your vehicle is. When someone tampers with your rig, a text message is sent to your phone immediately.

You have the option of selecting how sensitive you want this security system to be, right from your mobile device. 

SimpliSafe Wireless security system

This is a system for people who take their security seriously.

The Simplisafe Wireless Security system comes as a 12-piece system with two motion sensors, a security camera, a base station that has a 95dB siren, a keypad to arm or disarm the alarm system, a panic button, and four entry sensors to guard your doors and windows.

It has also been designed for easy setup, straight out of the box. You just need to place the sensors, get the camera and base set and you are good to go.

It can connect directly to your phone via WIFI or cellular connection, keeping you alert on everything happening close to your RV irrespective of how far you are.

The battery powering this device can run for 24 hours without the need to recharge. 

Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera

Many features make Arlo Pro2 a close competitor to the SimpliSafe Wireless security system. For starters, the camera is weatherproof and has night vision capabilities.

It has a 100% wire-free option and brings high-definition videos with admirable clarity. You can also plug it in if you are using the system indoors.

The battery is also rechargeable and the 100db siren can be controlled remotely, offering you more advanced options on your security.

If you are using the system to protect your RV, you can decide to purchase the solar panel that charges this camera or plug it in to recharge the battery. The 2-way audio allows you to speak through the built-in speaker directly from your smartphone.

If you subscribe to Arlo’s round-the-clock protection, you will have access to cloud storage and dedicated customer support. If you choose not to, you can still have access to one week of free recordings backed to the cloud.

VaygWay Tire Clamp Wheel Lock

You may be surprised how effective a small security device such as the VagWay Tire clamp can be.

This clamp is made of high-quality ABS to guarantee efficiency and durability.

It can work with any car (because it is adjustable) to effectively deter thieves from stealing your vehicle.

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