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RV Shower Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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Showering in an RV can be a challenging task, especially if you’re on the road for long periods of time. In this RV camping resource guide, we’ve gathered several RV shower hacks that can make your RV showering experience more comfortable and efficient.

One of the greatest advantages of showering in your RV is that it gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore different locations. No matter where you are, you can always take a hot and refreshing shower in your own private space.

RV Shower Hacks
RV Shower Hacks

Another advantage is that you don’t have to wait in line or pay extra fees for showers at a public campground. You can take your shower when you want and however long you want, without any hassle.

Plus, with modern on-demand water heaters and shower systems, you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water!

Check out these RV shower hacks so you can make the most out of your RV shower.

Where Do RV Showers Get Water?

RV showers get water from onboard tanks that are filled by a hose connected to either a city water hookup or an outside source like a lake, river, or stream.

When using an outside source, some form of filtration may be used to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Additionally, if your RV shower has a built-in heater element you’ll need access to electricity as well as water in order to use it.

With proper maintenance, your RV shower should provide you with plenty of hot water for a comfortable shower while on the road.

So if you’re looking to explore the great outdoors and shower after a long day without sacrificing convenience and comfort, showering in your RV is the best way to do it.

RV Shower Hacks

RV Shower hacks are a great way to make showering in the campground easier and more comfortable.

RV Shower Hacks
RV Shower Hacks

They can help you conserve water, make your RV feel like home, and make showering away from home a bit more comfortable.

Here are some RV shower hacks to try out:

Use a Shower Head Filter

Use a shower head filter to keep your RV’s water clean and free from unwanted particles. A shower head filter can help reduce chlorine, sediment, and other impurities for more clean water.

You can even choose a shower head filter that suits your style– whether you need it circular or rectangular, it’s available when you buy from Amazon.

Be Organized

Install a shower caddy or basket to hold all of your RV shower supplies, from soap and shampoo to sponges and scrubbers. This will help keep everything organized and within reach.

Shower caddies tend to have limited space, and if you have a lot of stuff, they surely won’t fit. You can opt to buy an over-the-door pocket organizer that you can hang on your shower curtain rod for easier access.

For more organizing tips, check out tips and tricks on how to organize your RV bathroom.

Invest in a Quality RV Shower Head

One of the most important RV shower hacks is to invest in a quality RV shower head with adjustable pressure settings, which can help you conserve water and adjust for better temperature control.

Not only will you be able to conserve water and time, but you will also be able to enjoy a better RV showering experience.

Replace Your Fluffy Towels

RV showers are often quite small and can be difficult to move around in, so consider replacing your fluffy towels with microfiber towels that dry quickly and take up significantly less space.

This will also help avoid having wet towels strewn about the RV when you’re done showering.

Make Use of a Non-Slip Shower Mat

Showers can be a bit slippery, so it’s important to use a non-slip shower mat or strip to help prevent slipping and falling.

Sure, RV showers have limited space but you can never be too careful. To further prevent slipping accidents, make sure to also use a non-slip bath mat outside of the RV shower.

Utilize a Handheld Shower Head

You can also add a hand-held RV shower head for added convenience and flexibility when cleaning yourself or the RV.

This allows you more flexibility in aiming the water where it needs to go, while also conserving RV water usage.

See how much easier and more convenient RV showers can be? These RV shower hacks will help make camping more comfortable and enjoyable.

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