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State Parks Near Chattanooga, TN

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With its beautiful scenery and vibrant culture, Chattanooga is a great vacation destination! In this Tennessee vacation guide, we’ve listed these state parks near Chattanooga, TN, that you will truly enjoy, especially if you’re looking for an adventurous escape from city life.

State parks offer an exciting and unique way to explore the outdoors, with plenty of activities you and your family can enjoy. South Cumberland State Park is a great option for camping trips or day hikes, but if you prefer water-based fun, head to Hiwassee State Scenic River State Park, where you can canoe or kayak down the Hiwassee River.

State Parks Near Chattanooga, TN
State Parks in Chattanooga, TN

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled mountain biking trip, a peaceful camping experience, or something in between, there’s sure to be a State Park that fits your needs.

Check out our top picks for state parks near Chattanooga, TN.

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What Is Tennessee’s Newest State Park?

Savage Gulf State Park is Tennessee’s newest state park, and not only does it offer a variety of activities for adventurers, but it is also Tennessee’s most scenic wilderness area.

The park contains nearly 19,000 acres of rugged terrain, majestic waterfalls, breathtaking vistas, and historical locations, such as the Stage Coach Road.

Hiking is a popular activity, with over 50 miles of trail ranging from easy walks to strenuous off-trail scrambles.

It has four trailhead parking lots – the Stone Door trailhead being the one that offers restroom facilities, a picnic area, a picnic pavilion, and a ranger station.

State Parks Near Chattanooga, TN
State Parks in Chattanooga, TN

The scenic overlooks offer stunning views of the surrounding area, including one with a view over 100 miles across the state.

State Parks Near Chattanooga, TN

Check out these State Parks near Chattanooga, TN, that will take your breath away!

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