5 Best Kids Hydration Packs On The Market

Camelback Mini MULE and Camelbak Scout

One key lesson we learned right away is that anything that makes hiking easier for us and more exciting for the kids is worth investing in! After purchasing hydration packs for our kids, we saw a huge improvement in their stamina and overall attitude while on the trail.

Over 100 Gifts For Hikers

Gifts ideas for hikers

After asking these expert and experienced hikers what they ALWAYS have in their hiking pack, I decided to use this information to put together a list of gifts for hikers based upon their recommendations.

Best Kids Camera [2020 Comprehensive Buying Guide]

kids cameras

If your family loves traveling, odds are you have a few kids who love taking pictures. As much as you may wish to encourage their budding love for travel photography, you are probably not too thrilled about handing them you expensive cell phone to do so. With so many cameras on the market, choosing the best kids’ camera can be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. We know you want to find a camera for your kids that will be durable and easy to use, but will also take great photos.

Best Rotomolded Coolers on the Market [2019 Update]

Best Rotomolded Cooler on the Market

Rotomolded coolers are the best coolers on the market so we decided to look into the different rotomolded coolers and evaluate which one would meet our needs. In this buyers guide for rotomolded coolers, we take a look at six of the top rotomolded cooler brands on the market to find the best rotomolded coolers in several different categories.