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Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. We began introducing our kids to hiking very early and it is a regular part of our travel and our school life. We love hiking in the Smokies, on the Appalachian trail, and in the National Parks. The diversity of the USA and the beauty of the outdoors continue to draw us to the trail.

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Best Smoky Mountains Hikes For Kids

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is absolutely FREE to enter making it one of the best US National Parks for a family vacation. Since hiking is a great way to get the kids excited about the outdoors and the national park alone offers a week’s worth of hiking for families, here is a guide about the best Smoky Mountains hikes for kids.

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Clingmans Dome Hiking Trail

Do you want to challenge yourself by testing your strength and endurance? If so, the Clingmans Dome hiking trail on the Tennessee-North Carolina border is perfect for you! This 2.1-km out-and-back trail takes hikers through some of Appalachian Mountain’s best terrain and provides incredible sights along its path. Whether it’s your first time hitting the trails or you are an experienced explorer, plenty of attractions make this hike worth trying. From stunning overlooks to rare wildlife sightings – come explore all this nature has in store at 6,643 feet, America’s highest point in Tennessee!

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Best Kids Hiking Clothes On The Market

Hiking with the whole family is more enjoyable and exciting. And if you have kids of your own, you’ll probably know that hiking with kids is equal parts fun and challenging
Choosing the right hiking clothes for your kids may be difficult with so many options for you to choose from. Check out our top picks for the best kids hiking clothes.

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Best Kids Hiking Backpack [2023 Buying Guide]

Kids grow up so fast, one day they’re this tiny little nugget and suddenly they’re ready to explore the outdoors and set out on their first hiking adventure. When this finally happens, make sure you give them a backpack that is durable and fits perfectly for their tiny little frames.
Here is a list of the best kids hiking backpacks on the market that will surely make your young adventurer excited to head out for the trail.

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