5 Best Kids Hydration Packs On The Market

Camelback Mini MULE and Camelbak Scout

One key lesson we learned right away is that anything that makes hiking easier for us and more exciting for the kids is worth investing in! After purchasing hydration packs for our kids, we saw a huge improvement in their stamina and overall attitude while on the trail.

Over 100 Gifts For Hikers

Gifts ideas for hikers

After asking these expert and experienced hikers what they ALWAYS have in their hiking pack, I decided to use this information to put together a list of gifts for hikers based upon their recommendations.

How Do You Hike With Kids?

hiking with kids tips

Does hiking with kids seem impossible to you? A family hike doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, we believe getting kids to hike is a worthwhile endeavor. However, like anything with kids, it takes a bit of creative planning and flexibility.