Tusker House


In this Tusker House Character Dinner review we highlight why Tusker House Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Tusker House restaurant is our favorite Disney Character Meal and we believe it to be among he best Disney character meals available. In this review of Animal Kingdom’s Character Dining you will learn about:

Tusker House Restaurant has the classic characters
Tusker House menu has an eclectic mix of food including exotic African cuisine and a special section for the kids
Animal Kingdom’s Character dining at Tusker House is highly interactive and characters often visit more than once
Tusker House restaurant reservations are easier to secure even last minute
Tusker House chefs really care for special diets*

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Five Reasons to Dine at Novo Restaurant & Lounge When Visiting San Luis Obispo

When researching best restaurants in San Luis Obispo, Novo Restaurant & Lounge will likely come up in the top of any search result. Due to land slides in Big Sur, we had to change our itinerary a bit from our initial plans. Knowing this, I really wanted to be sure our dinner included a stop in San Luis Obispo to give this downtown SLO restaurant a try. Thankfully, we successfully made it to SLO by dinner and enjoyed a fabulous and relaxing meal at Novo Restaurant & Lounge.