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The Best Boat Brands For Any Boating Style

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The boating industry has continued to grow as more and more people appreciate the fun and beauty of boating in whatever form it may be. And what better way to start your boating journey than picking from the best boat brands on the market which have a proven reputation for capable high-quality boats. Here’s a quick rundown of the best boat brands this 2021. Check them out!

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Best boat brands

Is It Better To Buy a New Or Used boat?

Can’t decide which to buy between a brand new or used boat? Let us help you. Here are some of the pros and cons when it comes to buying a brand new boat and a used boat.

Buying A New Boat


  • You get exactly what you want
  • That shiny, new toy feeling
  • You’ll get the latest features and design for your boats
  • You’ll have a manufacturer’s warranty to back you up
  • The boat motors are reliable
  • You’ll receive your boat clean and neat


  • Higher price
  • Boat value depreciation

Buying Used Boats


  • You’ll get them for a cheaper price
  • Hold its value better since depreciation already happened
  • More buying power means you’ll have a better chance of negotiating the price of the boat.
  • More pre-owned boats are traded in than new models thus increasing the options you can choose from.


  • Some parts of the boat may already be worn out
  • You’re not sure of the quality of the boats you’re getting
  • Less customization option

What Is A Good First Boat?

If you finally decided to jump into the boating life then be prepared because not all boats are the same and choosing a boat that’s beginner-friendly should be your next step. The main thing to keep in mind is that you choose a boat that’s easy to use and navigate. You don’t want huge boats with complicated machinery, equipment, and accessories like those that come with large motor yachts and power cruisers. 

Some of the best beginner-friendly boats are dinghy, pontoon boats, center consoles, aluminum fishing boats, and bowriders.

What Are The Most Reliable Boat Brands?

Choosing the best boat manufacturers on the market can be a challenge since there are several boat brands out there claiming that they’re the best. To help you decide, we’ve made a list of the best boat brands that are reliable and have proven their skill and mastery when it comes to manufacturing the best boats.  

Boston Whaler

The company was founded in 1958 and for over 60 years, they have proven their unsinkable reputation up to this day. Before the company formally began, its founder Richard “Dick” Fisher filed a series of patents for a foam-injected hull process. Fisher made a series of shear braces laid into the hull’s outer shell that would work in tandem with his precise ratio of foams, by doing this the durability of the boat increases. 

Boston Whaler has been a pioneer in the boating industry, conceiving and building exceptional designs that address the ever-changing needs of boaters. Their boats have been famous for providing the safest, easiest to own, and which includes exciting features that are truly world-class. One of their trademarks is their Unibond™ hull construction which provides maximum safety, durability and makes their boats “unsinkable”. You can even cut a Boston Whaler in two and drive away in the half with the engine, that’s a boat that’s hard to beat.

Each Whaler offers premium quality materials and construction with their corrosion-resistant stainless steel railings, sturdy hardware, reliable handholds, and excellent finishing.  

The company is known for producing the best fishing boats and cruisers. Their boats have bagged several awards on numerous occasions such as the NMMA Innovations Awards, European Powerboat of the year, Nautic Design awards, and a lot more.


Yamaha boats

This legendary and famous brand has been a leader when it comes to producing high-quality vehicles and engines. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. was founded by Genichi Kawakami and has set a clear standard for Yamaha brand engineering and manufacturing ensuring that every product they make is of world-class standard. Yamaha is dedicated to developing and innovating its products as an answer to their customers’ changing needs. 

Back in 1989, with the success of WaveRunner, the company decided to venture into boat manufacturing. From their first prototype, they started to develop the best engine for their boats In 1991, the concept was released at the Tokyo and Osaka Boat Shows which gained traction with the global marine community, this started their journey into the global market. From then on, the team expanded the original design making it more family-friendly which became the staple of Yamaha Boats to this day. 

When it comes to marine engine innovation, Yamaha has set the bar high with their Yamaha TR-1® marine engine that is more powerful, lighter, and smaller than its predecessors. Their boats also feature their Connext® Technology which is an all-in-one touchscreen helm control system that integrates the boat’s entertainment features, operation functions, and essential system information.

Each Yamaha boat is built with an internal propulsion system making it fuel-efficient and reliable as you travel across the water.


One of the most respected brands in the boating industry, Grady-White has produced some of the best boats on the market today. Founded in 1959 in Greenville, N.CThe company is known for designing and producing excellent fiberglass boats that are reliable, safe, and with long-lasting value. Grady-White is committed to delivering nothing but the best to its customers, with consistent and continued innovations, the company was ranked highest in Customer Satisfaction with Coastal Fishing Boats eight times in a row. 

There are several reasons why the company has stood the test of time and has received a high customer satisfaction rating for so many years now. Grady-White manufactures their boats with exceptional attention to detail which includes excellent hardware, superior laminates, structural integrity, unsinkable foam flotation, and other high-quality components you will not find in other brands. Aside from their passionate workforce and craftsmen, they also invite other world-class structural and mechanical engineers and aesthetic stylists to better their boats. Each boat design is tested extensively to make sure that the boats would perform excellently whether, in normal and harsh conditions, this is done to ensure that customers receive nothing but the best. 


Bennington is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to manufacturing a specific type of boat which are the tritoon and pontoon boats. Based in Elkhart, Indiana the company was founded in 1997 by a small group of industry veterans and has long since been making pontoon boats that are considered to be the cream of the crop. The company made it a mission to build boats with meticulous attention to detail and quality and making the customers’ needs the utmost priority. 

They take pride in their Trendsetting design and rock steady construction that are truly one of the industry’s best. Bennington pontoon boats use exclusive THRU-BOLT™ technology on each and every hull that ensures far less flex for a more stable and safe ride for the years to come. 

And when it comes to comfort in the water, Bennington is on top of the game, offering luxurious interiors and the industry’s most sophisticated furniture and seatings made by the finest craftsmen. 

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mastercraft boats
Krakow, Poland, May 21, 2017: MasterCraft sign close-up during MotoShow in Krakow. MasterCraft is a United States manufacturer of luxury high-performance boats.

The company was founded in 1968 and built its first ski boat in a two-stall horse barn on a farm in Maryville, Tennessee. With the inconvenience of large wakes and the pull of other ski boats, they designed a hull for the smallest wake in the industry. And after building only 12 boats in its first year, the company started to get noticed and have received numerous orders. Mastercraft ski boats soon quickly rise to the top as the best on the market. 

Today Mastercraft is the most award-winning producer of wakesurf, inboard ski, wakeboard, and luxury performance powerboats in the world. Each of their boats is expertly made in Vonore, Tennessee, and has received hundreds of guests in the company grounds like boat owners, skiers, and boarders. 

Mastercraft boats come in a superior build construction, hull design, and seating ergonomics to provide every boater with the most comfortable and safest boat ride. Their boats also include a reliable Ilmor engine performance and DockStar Handling System for better control of your ride.

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