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The Best Boots For Bunions

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Bunions can be a painful and sometimes an embarrassing condition that prevents many from doing activities that they enjoy most. But nowadays there are ways to relieve that pain, the simplest of them is by choosing the right footwear. And with that in mind, here are the best boots for bunions that you can wear in comfort and can make a big difference in bunion pain. 

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best boots for bunions

How to Choose Boots For Bunions?

As painful as having bunions, looking for the perfect pair of boots can be quite a challenge especially when you don’t really know what to look out for. There are tons of options on the market that come with impressive features, but when choosing the right boots for bunions always consider the following factors.

Wide Toe Box

Since the toe box is essentially where your toes will stay, a spacious/ wide toe box will provide more comfort, especially for long walks or hikes. And it’s common sense to choose a boot with a rounded toe box instead of those with pointed toe boxes which will put pressure and squeeze your toes even more. 

Soft And Stretchy Uppers

Always look for boots with soft and stretchy upper material like the . These will prevent putting extra pressure on your bunions for more comfortable and pain-free walking. 

Arch Support

Get a pair of boots that provide great arch support like Keen Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. With proper arch support, your weight will be distributed evenly, and remove the pressure on your big toe and bunion. Also, look for boots with removable insoles for those with custom-made orthotics.

Extra Depth

With this feature present, your feet will fit deeply inside your boots which further prevents the bunion from rubbing against the top part or side of the shoe.

Low Heeled Boots

High-heeled boots are a big no-no for those suffering from a bunion. The ideal heel height should be 1.5 inches or lower. Wedges are also an option because they spread your weight more evenly across the base of your foot. 

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What Are The Best Boots For Bunions?

Bunions are not always painful, but when they do, they can certainly take the joy in your days. But with the right choice of footwear, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite activities in comfort. Here are our top picks for the best boots for bunions, taking into consideration that every foot is different. 

Boots For Bunions

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