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The Best Gloves for ATV Riding in 2022

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Looking for the best gloves for ATV riding? This recreational ATV riding resource will cover everything you need to know in choosing the right pair.

Because your hands have a lot to manage when off-roading, it’s important to make sure they’re comfortable and able to properly operate the brakes, clutch, throttle, etc.

Your next ATV gloves should have a good level of grip, protection and be able to withstand the rigors of the trails. 

best ATV riding gloves
Best ATV Gloves

While there are tons of ATV gloves on the market that come in a variety of styles, some gloves are superior to others. Here are my picks for this year’s best ATV riding gloves.

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How Do You Choose an ATV glove?

Choosing the right pair of ATV gloves is pretty straightforward. If it fits good and feels good, you found yourself a winner.

However, here are a few things to consider when before you purchase.

Material and Construction

A good ATV glove should be comfortable, offer maximum protection to the hands, and have a good grip on the ATV handlebars.

Look for gloves that are made of flexible materials and have enough padding on the palms. Also, make sure that the gloves you choose are made of breathable materials and are moisture-wicking. 

best winter ATV gloves


Choosing the right fit is especially important to get full protection and other benefits that come with wearing the right pair of ATV gloves. Make sure to measure your hands first to get the right size of ATV gloves. 


What is the purpose of your ride? Is it for off-roading, racing, or backcountry touring?

  • For off-roading, choose a glove that offers comfort, breathability, and damage control.
  • Racing gloves should offer maximum protection to the hands.
  • Touring gloves focus more on comfort and moisture control.

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More ATV Glove Features

  • Weather Conditions-Fingerless gloves or full gloves made of thinner material are best in places with higher temperatures. While thick and full-fingered ATV gloves are ideal for the cold. 
  • Waterproofing-A good pair of ATV gloves with waterproofing will keep your hands dry and warm when you’re riding in wet conditions.

What Are The Best Gloves For ATV Riding?

Don’t just think of ATV Gloves as a luxury item. Just as ATV helmets and goggles are an essential piece of safety gear for trail riding, so are gloves. Here are my top picks for the best ATV gloves in 2022!

Best Gloves For ATV Riding in 2022

Here is our review of the best ATV gloves in 2022, including their key features and pros & cons.

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