Appalachian Mountain Hike In Northeast Tennessee: The Beauty Spot

Appalachian Mountain Hike In Northeast Tennessee: The Beauty Spot

A Great Opportunity

It’s no secret around here that I love these beautiful Appalachian mountains that I call home!  When the opportunity to partner Northeast Tennessee Tourism was presented to me, I was super excited!  I know this is a travel blog, but let’s be honest, we can’t travel all the time. Though, I’m pretty well giving it my best shot! That doesn’t mean, however, I have to stay behind this computer screen all the time.  We love to get out on  the weekends either as a family or sometimes, as I shared in Hiking Backbone Rock In Shady Valley, Tennessee,  Mr. VeraVise and I like to take outdoor dates.  

Now, that my first article is published on their site, I’m even more excited! This is such a perfect opportunity for my family to enjoy our area even more and share it with all of you!  Travel is my passion, but sometimes traveling just a few miles down the road is all I need to have a WOW Travel experience.

Family Beauty Spot

My first assignment for the Northeast Tennessee Tourism site was in Erwin, TN.  Read about it here!  While we were over in Erwin, my family couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the very easy drive and short hike to the Beauty Spot.  When you see these great photographs my husband took with his new camera (his new hobby might I add), you will have no difficulty seeing why it’s aptly named The Beauty Spot.

Beauty Spot Landscape 4 Header

The Appalachian Trail

Marker for the Appalachian Trail

The Beauty Spot is actually a bald located where the Appalachian trail passes over the Unaka Mountain range in Unicoi, Tennessee.  It’s elevation is 4400 feet and it’s views are breathtaking.  On our visit the bees and the butterflies were particularly active and we enjoyed observing them up close.  

If you make it over to my neck of the woods, and are looking for a great and fairly accessible mountain hike, consider visiting the Beauty Spot in.  For more activities, places to eat, and even some accommodations check out my complete review of this great little mountain town on Northeast Tennessee Tourism!

No Wonder They Call It The Beauty Spot!

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