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8 Best Things to do at The Island in Pigeon Forge

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Don’t miss out on all the fun in this Pigeon Forge Vacation Guide chock full of fun things to do at the Island Pigeon Forge.

Things to do at The Island in Pigeon Forge
8 Best Things to do at The Island in Pigeon Forge
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Where Is The Island Located?

The Island in Pigeon Forge is located at 131 The Island Drive Pigeon Forge, TN 37863. It is found directly off the main Parkway in Pigeon Forge between lights 3 & 4 at Island Drive.

Where Is The Parking?

The main parking lot is located in between The Island and the LeConte Events Center. Guests who park here can take a complimentary tram from the lot to the front of The Island.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into The Island in Pigeon Forge?

There is no admission fee to enter the Island in Pigeon Forge. However, you will have to pay for the activities you want to do which can range from $4-$14, you can check individual ticket prices at the Island at Pigeon Forge website.

One of the best ways to enjoy the whole of The Island is by purchasing a 48-hour unlimited rides pass.

Things To Do At The Island In Pigeon Forge

With plenty of things to do at the Island in Pigeon Forge, it can be a challenge to choose where to begin. 

To help you plan your trip in this family fun vacation spot, here is a list of the top things to do at the Island in Pigeon Forge that you shouldn’t miss!

The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Towering 200 ft tall, The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel is one of the main attractions on the Island. 

It is located at the foothill of the Great Smoky Mountains and stands as one of the tallest attractions in the South East. 

This massive Ferris wheel provides riders with a breathtaking view of the Great Smoky Mountains through its all-glass gondolas that can accommodate up to 8 persons.

The Great Smoky Mountains Wheel

Stroll Around The Shops

If you love shopping while on a vacation, then you’ll surely enjoy yourself at The Island in Pigeon Forge. 

You’ll find over 40 stores at the Island, from clothes and accessories to home decors, gift items, toys for kids and so much more. Here are some interesting stores to stop by;

The Island Show Fountains

Featuring a spectacular presentation of water dance and light, The Show fountains are something you shouldn’t miss when visiting the Island. 

This is a state-of-the-art, multi-tiered show fountain dances to 14 pieces of music that involve more than 89 nozzles to help create a beautiful fountain display. 

Located at the center is a nozzle that projects water 60 feet into the air. The Show Fountain runs every 30 minutes beginning at the top of each hour and on the half-hour. 

It is also completely free for all the guests to enjoy!

The Island Fountains

The Island Ropes Course

The Island ropes course features 2 courses;

  • The Sky Trail Explorer Ropes Course is a three-story course that is open for anyone over 42” tall. It features 30 different elements, two zip lines, and one simulated free fall (Quick Jump).
  • Sky Tykes Course is for those 48″ tall and under. The same as the big course, participants are in their harnesses and attached to a sling line and carabiners, for maximum safety while doing the course.

Island Mirror Maze

This 3,000 square foot attraction at the Island is one of the country’s largest mirror mazes. The mirrors are merely illusions but the fun is definitely real!

Island Mirror Maze has a labyrinth of infinite illusions, reflections and dead ends that will surprise you.

They also have mission impossible mind bending games where you’ll jump, crawl, bend and race your way to the top of the leaderboards. 

Island Mirror Maze

Play At the Arcade 

Arcade City at the Island is fun for all ages! There are exciting games that you can play solo, with family, or with your friends. 

Shoot some hoops, master the claw and cross the finish line first, race cars, skee balls, and a lot more! After enjoying fun games, go to the counter and present your card for some exciting prizes. 

Enjoy A Great Meal

Walking around the Island can be tiring and will surely make you hungry. Enjoy a full meal at some of the best restaurants on the Island. 
Timberwood Grill is one of the best restaurants on the Island. They serve a variety of food, from lighter courses; soups and salads to barbecue pork stuffed corn fritters, slow-cooked baby back ribs, and hearty Angus beef burgers.
Margaritaville transports you into that tropical island vibe. Aside from their unique and cool setting, they offer some of the best food on the Island. From amazing seafood classics to delicious burgers, you’ll definitely want to try out this great restaurant at the Island.
Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen is the perfect restaurant for families who want to enjoy an authentic Southern meal. They’ve got a variety of food choices including fried chicken, spare ribs, pork chops, baked mac and cheese, and more!

Grab Some Snacks

If you’re not ready yet for a full meal, then grab a snack instead! Here are some snack shops for quick and yummy treats to satisfy your hunger. 
Cinnabon is a place for sweet treats. They offer freshly baked pastries as well as blended drinks and coffee perfect for an afternoon snack.
Island Yogurt is one of the best places to cool off on a hot summer day. They offer a variety of frozen yogurt flavors for everyone to enjoy. 
Auntie Anne’s offers pretzels that come in a wide variety of flavors. From the original, lightly salted pretzel to other flavors like garlic Parmesan, cinnamon sugar, and more. You can also get a variety of dipping sauces to go with your pretzels.

Where To Stay? 

Looking for a family friendly hotel near the Island in Pigeon Forge? Lucky for you, we’ve done our assignments ahead of time, check out our Pigeon Forge Vacation Guide on the best hotels In Pigeon Forge Near The Island.

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