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12 Things To Do In Pigeon Forge In Summer

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Summer is finally here! We made it through that ceaseless, long winter and can now enjoy our few months of summer holiday bliss. In this Pigeon Forge Vacation Guide, check out 12 super fun things to do in Pigeon Forge in Summer.

Summer is in full swing and family activity is abuzz across this Tennessee mountain community making it the perfect time to make great memories with your family.

Things To Do In Pigeon Forge In Summer
Things To Do In Pigeon Forge In Summer
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Is Pigeon Forge Fun In The Summer?


  • The weather offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun
  • Many fun attractions have longer operating hours in the summer
  • Plenty of ways to cool off including waterparks and various swimming spots
  • It’s close to the Great Smoky Mountains National park
  • Unbelievable dining options
  • Summer festivals and events

From scenic views, unique attractions, and historic stops, summer vacations in Pigeon Forge are my favorite.

things to do in pigeon forge tn
Things To Do In Pigeon Forge In Summer

Things To Do In Pigeon Forge In Summer

Planning your trip to Pigeon Forge in summer? Here are 12 best things to do in Pigeon Forge in Summer!

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