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7 Easy Tips For Cooking In An RV

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If you’re RV camping, cooking meals can be difficult due to the limited space. But don’t worry, here are some simple tips for cooking in an RV that will make the process easier.

Whether you’re just getting started with cooking in your RV or looking for some new ideas, this post will provide you with all the information you need to get creative in your tiny kitchen. From meal planning to storage hacks, learn how to make the most of your space and time when cooking in an RV.

Tips For Cooking In An RV
Easy Tips For Cooking In An RV

Cooking is probably one of the most challenging aspects of RV living. Figuring out how to cook meals, with tiny kitchen space is tricky since you can only do so much. 

That’s why we’re here to share with you some awesome tips for cooking in an RV so you don’t have to stress yourself out when making your favorite camping meals.

How Do You Cook In A Small RV?

Cooking is a big part of RV living, sure, eating in local restaurants or diners around you is okay, but of course, you shouldn’t do this very often since it isn’t the healthiest or most convenient option out there.

Planning and cooking your meals is the best decision if you want your budget to last throughout your camping trip. That’s why it’s essential that you learn to navigate your way through your RV kitchens and cook more efficiently. 

For smaller RVs, cooking is definitely more challenging, especially when you have a large family onboard, but cooking in an RV is not impossible at all! All you need is a few helpful tips to make your camping experience feel more like a vacation.

Tips For Cooking In An RV

Follow these simple and helpful tips for cooking in an RV so you wouldn’t have to scramble every time! 

1. Meal Planning

Start by planning your camping meals. Since you will be dealing with limited space, bringing only the things that you will need is extra important. If you’re camping for shorter days you should list the days you’ll be on the road and list the meals that you plan to make for that day. 

In that way, you’ll know exactly how many you should buy and pack for the road. 

2. Simple Meals

Less is more when it comes to cooking in your campers. Stick to simpler dishes that require fewer tools and easy to pack ingredients.

Choosing a recipe that you’re familiar with makes the task easier and simple meals like stews, soups, or stir-fried dishes where you’ll only need one pot or a pan are best when you’re cooking in an RV set up. Here are some easy camping meal recipes if you ever run out of ideas;

3. Prepare Ingredients Before The Trip

If you’ll be camping for a few days, it helps that you prepare the ingredients that you will need for your camping meals. This includes chopping and slicing the veggies and meats that you’ll need for the meals you’re planning to make. Preparing the dressing, marinades, and sauce that you need can save you a great amount of time as well. 

Portioning the ingredients is also a great way to keep everything organized when cooking the dishes. Store and label them in ziplock bags or sealed containers so you don’t confuse one with the other.  

4. Don’t Forget The Necessary Cooking Equipment

You must invest in good quality camping cookware. You don’t have to bring an entire set of cookware(storage is going to be a problem for sure!), instead, choose a few good pieces that you can use to cook different meals in your RVs. 

A large crockpot or cast iron skillets will do, and don’t forget other necessary items like knives or metal skillets for BBQs or kebabs.

Here is our guide on RV Kitchen Essentials so you don’t forget the necessary tools and equipment before you hit the road.

5. Cooking Outside

You don’t have to cook in a tight space inside the RV all the time. Cooking outside your RV is a great option as well. Grilling and smoking meats are always a fun way to eat when camping. You can cook all sorts of meat like chicken, beef, and pork, you can even add some veggies or fruits on the side as well, all are sure winners if you ask me. 

Aside from grilling you can bring a camp stove and cook your favorite camping meals outside while bathing in the scenic view that surrounds you.

We have listed RV outdoor kitchen hacks to help you even more.

6. Clean Up

Always remember to clean up, do not let your dirty dishes and cookware pile up. Given the limited space that you have, you don’t want to sacrifice that extra space in your kitchen countertop with dishes that can leave your RV stinking that may potentially attract insects or other wildlife. If you have many people on board you can do rotation for this specific task. 

rv cooking
Easy Tips For Cooking In An RV

7. Get Organized

To maximize the limited space that you have, before you leave for the road make sure that your prepped ingredients, cookware, and tools are placed and organized in their proper place.

Organizing your fridge, pantries, and kitchen cabinets can save a great amount of time since you already know where to get these items when you need them. Make sure that after cooking you place the tools and cookware them back to their proper place.

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If you’re not a fan of RV cooking, no worries because there are plenty of ways to enjoy yummy camping meals. Check out our list of easy make-ahead camping meals so you can just relax on camp.

And if you’re planning an RV camping trip with the kids, then you should know these camping safety tips for kids.

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