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Tritoon Vs. Pontoon Boats | Which Is Best For You?

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With the rise in popularity of boating, particularly family-friendly boats, it’s a great time to compare tritoon vs. pontoon boats and figure out which best suits your needs.

While these two boats share similarities, there are several differences between tritoon and pontoon boats. Discovering which is most suitable for you starts with understanding the differences between them.

Tritoon Vs. Pontoon Boats
Tritoon Vs. Pontoon Boats

In this article, we will discuss; tritoon vs. pontoon boats, their pros and cons, size, speed, stability, cost, fuel efficiency and more.

By the end of this post you should have enough information to decide which type of boat is best suited for your needs. So let’s jump right in!

Pontoon Boats

Traditionally, pontoon boats have always been built on two tubes that allow the boat to remain floating on water. They are often referred to as bitoon and can vary in size which ranges from 17 ft. to 27 ft. long and weighs between 2,000 and 2,500 lbs on average. 

A typical pontoon would generally require a motor with a minimum of 25 horsepower and does more work than a monohull because of its larger shape and greater steering demand.


Tritoons on the other hand are supported by three aluminum tubes instead of the traditional two tubes. This recent development by pontoon boat manufacturers allows boaters to experience a different shift in pontoon boat performance.

Tritoons have an average length that ranges from 22 ft to 30 ft and weighs almost the same as pontoon boats.

Tritoon Vs. Pontoon Boats
Tritoon Vs. Pontoon Boats

Tritoon Vs. Pontoon Boats | What Are Their Differences?

Although they basically come from the same roots, the difference between Tritoon vs. Pontoon Boats is pretty straightforward.

Weather and Water Conditions

For bodies of water like the ocean which tend to have a rougher condition, tritoons are the better option. This is because of the combination of their three air tubes and a stronger engine that cut through choppy waters more efficiently with less bouncing and rocking for a generally smoother ride compared to pontoons. 

If you prefer boating on calm and steady water then a pontoon boat is good enough. On calmer waters, tritoons may not be necessary and can be a waste of money since you won’t be able to use them to their maximum potential. 

Although lakes are generally calm there are instances like overcrowding that make the water pretty choppy. This is handled by tritoons better because of their larger build and better stability on the water.

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Handling and Maneuverability 

Due to the generally larger size of tritoons, they tend to have a lot worse handling making them more difficult to navigate on smaller bodies of water and going through tight spaces which can be easily done in pontoon boats.

Tritoons can also be a bit more difficult to maneuver when docking and go into tight spaces as compared to pontoons.


Because of their increased speed and stronger motors, tritoons are a better option for those who frequently enjoy watersports like wakeboarding and skiing. Because of their larger and stronger engines, tritoons can go at a higher speed compared to pontoon boats. 

But as we have said, tritoons are can offer a bit of a challenge in handling and can affect your watersports experience especially when you need to be pulled through tight spaces. This is one thing to consider before you get all convinced of getting a tritoon.

In some instances a tritoon may be unnecessary because there are pontoon boats that can do the same job, you just have to look for those with strong enough engines. 

Trailering and Storage 

When we talk about boating, keep in mind that trailering may be needed. This may not be a necessity for boaters who don’t really intend on taking their boats out of the water and will do just fine with a pontoon boat cover.

But it’s better to have an option of trailering and taking your boats for a ride somewhere else, right? Being able to take your boats out of the water can also be good for your boat maintenance like storing it somewhere for the winter.

Tritoons may require a bit larger pontoon boat trailer and a special braking system because of their larger build compared to pontoons. This is a very important factor to remember for your safety and for everyone else on the road. 

During harsh weather conditions like the winter season, tritoons require larger storage space which again is attributed to their larger size. 


Tritoons are not the best option when it comes to fishing in small or tight bodies of water because of their difficulty in handling. These three tube boats are made for deeper and larger bodies of water like bigger lakes and in the ocean.

Their fast motors can glide through larger bodies of water at a higher rate and will take you from one fishing spot to the other in less time than riding a pontoon.  

Because of the larger space available on tritoons, they offer more storage space for fishing gear and accessories. You’ll also be able to tag along with more of your fishing buddies for a pleasant time on the water.

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How much is a Tritoon vs pontoon?

Tritoons are generally more expensive not only because of their powerful and larger engine but also due to the third tube that comes with them.

The average cost of pontoon boats ranges from $15,000 to $175,000 or more while tritoons on average can cost $35,000 and much higher for other luxury models

It’s always a big investment whether you’re buying a pontoon or a tritoon boat, make sure that you are picking what is ideal for your boat style to get your money’s worth. 

Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoon boats are a great way to have some outdoor family fun on the lake or a party with friends out on the open sea. Check out these practical must-have pontoon boat accessories to add to your boat for smooth sailing.

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