Tusker House Character Dinner Review: Why We Think You Should Choose Animal Kingdom's Tusker House Character Dinner​

In this Tusker House Character Dinner review we highlight why Disney’s Tusker House at Animal Kingdom is our favorite Disney Character Dining experience.  In this review of Tusker House Character Dinner you will learn about:

  • Disney Classic Characters to meet at Tusker House Character Dinner 
  • Amazing and Unique Food at Tusker House Character Dinner
  • Tusker House chefs who take time with food allergy families
  • Disney Character interaction at Tusker House Character Dinner
  • Securing a reservation for Tusker House Character Dinner
Tusker House
Image by Josh Hallett

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Disney Character Dining

Character dining at Disney is a magical experience for children and grown ups alike. There are currently at least 15 Disney dining character restaurants located in the Walt Disney World Orlando parks.  This count does not include the specialty character dining experiences and holiday events.  

Young boy hugging Mickey Mouse at Tusker House Restaurant

Tusker House Character dinner made the list as our very first Disney character meal on our very first visit to Walt Disney World!  I would go so far as to say that our experience at Tusker House played a huge role in our subsequent returns to Walt Disney World and our purchase of an Annual Pass the following year.  I know that is a huge claim, but it was an amazing experience.

 When we visited Tusker House for the first time, they had only recently made the Character breakfast into an all day Disney Character Dining experience.  We were so pleased to have the characters practically to ourselves during the lunch hour.  We have eaten at Tusker House since then at busier times, however, we still found the experience and the food to be superior to other Disney character dinners.  Despite so many other character meals to yet mark off our bucket list, we find ourselves going back to Tusker House Character Dinner over and over.  Here are 5 reasons why!

Scenic View of Tusker House from across the bridge
Image By Jennifer Lynn (Disney Animal Kingdom)

5 Reasons To Choose Tusker House Character Dining

Tusker House Classic Disney Characters

Disney classic characters are at the Tusker House.  You can meet Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald Duck all in their adorable Safari gear.   

 I’m not sure why they left Minnie out of the line up, but you can meet her in the same Safari gear at the Adventure Outpost located in Animal Kingdom.

Kids with Daisy and Donald Duck Safari Gear at Tusker House

Unlike some other popular character dining experiences, they will stop by the table more than once if time allows.  They also do a dance with the children around the restaurant which is always great fun! 

Tusker House Character Dining Food Selection

The food at Tusker House is great!  The flavors of African cuisine are some of my favorite!  The Peri Peri Salmon and the Split roasted chicken are great.  I particularly love the bread selection and African sauces which are as good as the bread service found at the signature restaurant Sanaa located at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Don’t worry, if your kids are picky, there is a child’s buffet with all their favorites: Corn dog nuggets, mac-n-cheese, and mashed potatoes to name a few.

Whole Salmon on Cutting Board at Tusker Hosue
Image from Lila Quintiliani of Tips from the Disney Diva
Plate of Tusker House Food
Image by Ben Ostrowsky

The dessert selection on the Tusker House buffet is up there with the best of any Disney dining experience I’ve had. 

Image by Danuv on Flickr

Tusker House Character Dinner is highly interactive and characters often visit more than once 

Simply put: Tusker House is FUN! 

My kids always have a great time dancing and interacting with the characters. 

There is another popular character meal that I will leave nameless that had very strict rules about how often the characters would come by.  In fact, if you weren’t in your seat you may as well forget meeting them.  I find that difficult when trying to feed three children at a buffet.

This is not the case at Tusker House. The characters were very available and even during a busy lunch we were able to interact with them on two occasions.

Securing Tusker House Character Dinner Reservations

Reservations are recommended for the Tusker House if for no other reason than to ensure it fits into your schedule for the day.  However, it is not as highly sought after as other restaurants and we have been able to get a reservation same day inside the park on occasion.  

Tusker House chefs really care for special diets* 

This is the single reason that I, as a mom of kids with allergies, love Disney World so much!  I realize that all the Disney chefs are amazing so I don’t mean this as a slight to any other Disney restaurant, character or otherwise.  It’s just that being our very first Disney character dining experience, I was particularly blown away by our experience here. 

As I previously mentioned the desserts at Tusker House are amazing.  There is a full dessert buffet with numerous tasty selections.  However, none of them were safe for my nut and coconut allergic children. 

Dessert Buffet at Tusker House
Image by Kathy Penney of Penny Lane

Per Disney policy the chef came out and walked us through the buffet telling us what our kids could consume and what to avoid. When it came to the dessert buffet it was off limits entirely. 

I fully expected they would get a few Enjoy Life cookies at the end of our meal.  They would have been okay with that, but I was so overwhelmed when instead they each received their very own plate of desserts.  That’s right! Not simply one dessert, but a plate full of DESSERTS!  I wasn’t blogging at the time so I failed to secure an image but, please, take my word for it.  We were all  very impressed!  

Tusker House Character Dinner Is A Family Favorite

Character Dining Animal Kingdom's Tusker House

As you can tell, Tusker House is a family favorite in the VeraVise household.  Since this first Disney character dining experience, we have had many others.  In fact, there are only a few left on our bucket list.  But after all of them, Tusker House remains at the very top spot for us.  I hope this taste has whet your appetite to experience a Disney Character meal with a bit of an African twist!


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