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Best Places To Find UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg

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In this recreational ATV riding guide we feature the best UTV rentals in Gatlinburg that will make this outdoor adventure the best part of the vacation. 

Get a true off-roading experience in the Smokies riding UTVs available for rent in Gatlinburg, TN. Gatlinburg offers a handful of UTV rentals that allow you and the entire crew to take the road less traveled and see the sights in an exciting new way.

UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg
UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg

Enjoy the thrills of UTV riding while enjoying the breathtaking sights of the Smoky Mountains! If you don’t have your own ride, you’ll be glad to know that there are a few places that offer UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg.

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Can You Ride UTV in Gatlinburg?

UTVs are allowed on roads in the Smoky Mountain area, including within the national park on Cades Cove, Rich Mountain, Tremont, Townsend, Foothills Parkway, Elkmont, and the town of Gatlinburg.

You only ride your UTV rental on any roads in the region that have a posted speed limit of 40 mph or less. 

How Much Is It to Rent An UTV?

The price range of or UTV rental can vary from place to place, as well as the type of UTV and how long you’ll be renting it. We’ve seen UTV rentals that offer $150 for 2 hours to as high as $2498 per UTV for seven days. 

To get the exact prices, you can check with your chosen UTV rental or visit their official websites as most bookings are usually done online.

If you’re planning to rent a UTV soon, we recommend that you allocate at least $200 for a 2 hr UTV rental. 

Where Can I rent a UTV in Gatlinburg?

There are a few UTV rentals in Gatlinburg, TN that offer self-guided rentals as well as guide tours.

Self Guided UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg

With self-guided UTV rentals you get to decide which place to see in Gatlinburg and set your own pace. Some of the self guided UTV rentals in the area even provide trail maps to help you identify the best places to visit. 

UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg
UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg

Guided Tour UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg

If you just want to ride and not worry about navigating the trails, guided tours are perfect for you. One company that offers guided UTV rental tours is Kanamfun.

UTV Rentals In Gatlinburg

Check out these few places in Gatlinburg that offer UTV rentals.

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