Jackson Hole & Teton Village in the Fall – So Much More Than Just a Ski Resort!

When most people think of Teton Village, they think skiing. However, our family took a national park road trip last fall and found ourselves in Teton Village and Jackson Hole in September. 

After a day of hiking and exploring the Grand Tetons, it was great to relax in the luxurious Hotel Terra or spend a day in town exploring Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  We also enjoyed some great dining both within Teton Village and on a covered wagon dinner show known at the BarT-5.  

Jackson Hole Is More Than A Winter Retreat

Our family took our road trip through Colorado and Wyoming a bit backwards from most itineraries I reviewed.  Many people start in Estes Park, head over the Rockies, and then go North through Jackson Hole, WY to the Grand Teton National Park and then into Yellowstone National Park.  However, we planned our trip at the last minute. By the way, if you are in Yellowstone before heading to the Tetons, here are some more road trip ideas for Montana.

 I was very fortunate to snag two nights in Yellowstone National Park and I had to plan the itinerary around those dates. Essentially, we reversed the order and ended our journey in Grand Tetons, Teton Village, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The upside to this was we ended our journey by staying in Hotel Terra for three nights.  This luxurious boutique hotel and spa was a perfect ending after the more rugged lodges of the national parks. (Not that they weren’t great too!) 

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The Luxurious Boutique Hotel Terra

Teton Village was much smaller than I expected it to be, but I contend that this added all the more to it’s charm.  I am quite sure it is probably a beautiful site to see in the winter when the slopes are covered in white powder, but I was not disappointed in the Fall.  The grounds are well manicured. There is a nice water feature and a great play area for the kids.  The restaurants located on site are 5 star!

Front Entrance of Hotel Terra located in Teton Village, Wyoming
Teton Village Courtyard View

We checked in to our room and were very pleased by the accommodations, the cleanliness, and the amenities.  In fact, I was ELATED to discover that the laundry was right across the hall from my room and it was completely F-R-E-E!  I must say this was a first for me.  After nearly a ten day journey with seven people living out of our backpacks, washing our clothes was a welcome treat!

Spur Restaurant & Bar In Teton Village

Spur Restaurant Sign

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There are several restaurants on site in Teton Village so driving into Jackson isn’t necessary until you are ready to go exploring.  We enjoyed both dinner and breakfast at the Spur Restaurant and Bar located directly behind the Hotel Terra at their sister property, Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa. 

The food is locally and regionally sourced from sustainable farming sources by executive chef, Kevin Humphreys.  The freshness and attention to detail is immediately evident.  

A Food Allergy Win and Attention To Detail

The best part of this experience was their attention to our food allergy needs.  At both dinner and breakfast, they took their time listening and ensuring that our kids would be able to enjoy a safe and healthy meal.  Traveling with food allergies can be a challenge for my family.  It is one of the reasons I fell in love with Disney!  In fact, I recently wrote a short piece for More Than Main Street on traveling with food allergies. 

It is always a bit more relaxing when we encounter a restaurant where the chef and the wait staff know what is in their food and take great care to provide a safe meal for my family. 

Do yourselves a favor and order the truffle fries!!

Breakfast the next morning was just as amazing as our dinner the night before; maybe even better! I enjoyed the Blackberry French Toast and my husband had some amazing homemade corned beef hash.  

Visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming

After a day enjoying some down time relaxing around the resort, we were ready to go exploring.  We took the opportunity to drive into Jackson Hole, Wyoming and meander around town.

This quintessential western town puts you right back in the old west so long as you can look over the modern day vehicles on the road.   

We enjoyed visiting a couple saloons. Interestingly at some of the saloons, the kids had to wait outside with grandparents while we took some pictures.   

A fun photo op presented itself when we discovered these historical bronze statues.  The kids had a great time posing with each character.  It was a proud homeschool moment that they knew all of them except for Lewis & Clark which we have yet to study.  I even had to have help on that one from mamaw.

Dad, the private pilot, even had a bit of fun posing with the Wright brothers!

Take A Ride Back In Time

I simply must mention our adventures at the Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout.  What a fun evening for the whole family.  My mother and father-in-law had previously been through Jackson Hole and experienced the Bar T 5, so they graciously treated our family to an evening of food, fun, and entertainment.  

After arriving at the Bar-T-5 and purchasing tickets, you will be given a short history of the venue and Cache Creek Canyon.  After which, cowboys and cowgirls will escort you on a real covered wagon back into the canyon for a rootin’ tootin’ time!  

Be careful and watch out for anyone seeking to disrupt your pleasant wagon ride through Cache Creek Canyon.

After a harrowing journey up the trail, we were escorted to our BBQ feast.   My husband and I enjoyed that the children were each assigned a Cowgirl or Cowboy to help gather their vittles.  This meant we were able to relax and enjoy our own meal and the show.  The evening is complete with stage performances, singing, and some good ole fashion hoe down audience participation. Our kids received a lot of attention since they were the only attending that night.  Needless to say, fun was had by all!  

Kids and mom on a covered wagon

Jenny Lake and The Grand Tetons

Teton Village of course gets it’s name sake from the surrounding Majestic Grand Teton Mountain Range.  I cannot begin to cover the amazing time we had in the Tetons in this particular post, but will definitely be doing a guide in the near future.  However, I did want to mention the very nearby Jenny Lake and our time spent there.  

During our visit to the Tetons, there were unfortunate wildfires raging to our west and the smoke obscured the mountains on most days.  This was a sad reality for our trip, however, there was a certain mystique to the ranges created by the smoke.  The lake, however, was a pristine crystal lake with hues of blues and greens.  It was almost as if we were viewing the Caribbean sea.  

A word of warning, Jenny Lake is currently undergoing a 19 million dollar Lake renewal project. We were unable to visit Inspiration Point, but we still enjoyed amazing views from the lower Inspiration Point.  Check the National Park Website here for current construction, parking, and hiking conditions. 

As you can see from my brief overview of our few days in and around Teton Village, there is much for a family to enjoy even in off season.  I highly recommend a few days in Teton Village and Jackson Hole when planning your trips to Grand Teton National Park

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