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Don’t Be Caught In The Rain Without Waterproof ATV Riding Gear

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Need help finding waterproof ATV riding gear for your next off-road adventure? In this recreational ATV riding resource guide, we offer you exactly what you’re looking for!

As weather and trail conditions can be unpredictable at times, getting rained on mid-ride or getting dirty crossing muddy trails is sometimes unavoidable.

Waterproof ATV Riding Gear
Waterproof ATV Riding Gear

Luckily, the right riding gear can make riding through wet conditions downright fun.

Before hitting the ATV trails, you should know that choosing the right ATV clothes and gear can keep you both safe and comfortable when the skies turn gray.

Here’s our pick for the best waterproof ATV riding gear in 2023.

What Do You Wear To An ATV Mudding?

Are you planning to go ATV riding and will be going through some muddy trails? Here are some tips on what to wear when for ATV mudding. 

Waterproof ATV Riding Gear
Waterproof ATV Riding Gear

Embarking on your next off-road adventure shouldn’t be dampened by the weather; let’s explore how the right waterproof gear can ensure a comfortable, dry, and enjoyable ride, come rain or shine.

Waterproof ATV Riding Gear

Ride through rain and cold weather with these waterproof ATV riding gear!

Fun ATV Riding Clothes

While protective gear is essential on the trail, looking cute and sharing your wilder riding side with the world is okay. I’m a big fan of ball caps and love this adorable “ATV hair, Don’t Care” hat from Sew Vivid Design on Etsy. Be sure to check out all this cute ATV apparel.

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Recommended ATV Riding Resources


You will probably get hungry on the trail so don’t forget to take some ATV trail-friendly snacks.

If you’re looking for new ATV riding destinations, head to our post on the Best Places To Ride Your ATV In The Southeast. You can also check out this guide about off-roading in Sayulita, Mexico.

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