Florida has the perfect weather for ATV recreational riding, not to mention great terrain for riders of all skill levels. There are a decent number of public ATV trails, as well as many more private ATV parks in Florida.

Where can you ride ATVs in Florida?

There are a few public ATV parks, but the bulk of the ATV parks in Florida are private. You should take note that many of Florida’s ATV parks are only open on select weekends for riding and special events.

Best ATV Parks and Trails in Florida

Despite Florida’s lack of mountainous terrain, it’s got a huge range of trails and parks suitable for riders of all abilities.

ATV Riding in Florida: Panhandle Region

The Florida Panhandle is characterized by rolling hills and uplands, which is awesome for offroading adventures.

Private ATV Parks in the Florida Panhandle

The Swamp Offroad Park, Sunny Hills, Florida The Swamp is a family-friendly offroad park covering 500 acres of wooded terrain. It is only open on the first and third Saturdays of the month and is well worth the $10 admission fee.

Public ATV Trails in the Florida Panhandle

Clear Creek OHV Trails, Blackwater River State Forest, Milton, Florida With 53 miles of wooded, loose-dirt trails, and a large, flat staging area, Clear Creek OHV Trails offer up family-friendly riding Friday through Sunday, from 9 am – 4 pm. 

ATV Riding in Florida: Northeastern Region

Like the panhandle region, northeastern Florida is characterized by rolling hills that top out at 150 to 200 feet.

Private and Commercial ATV Parks in Northeastern Florida

Iron Horse Mud Ranch, Perry, Florida Open on select weekends, Iron Horse Mud Ranch features a vast array of mud holes, bogs, and ponds for mudding with all types four-wheelers.

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