How To Perform an ATV Pre-Ride Inspection

If you are new to recreational ATV riding or have had your ATV in storage for a while, it’s important to perform an ATV Pre-Ride Inspection.

In fact, the ATV Safety Institute recommends you perform a  Pre-Ride Inspection before each ride because recreational ATV riding can be extremely harsh on your ATV.

ATV Safety Institute’s FREE ATV E-Course If you have never completed the ATV Safety Institute’s Free ATV E-course, you should do so.

It’s a very basic introduction to ATV riding, but has some valuable information for anyone new to ATV riding or just looking to increase your knowledge and be a better and safer ATV operator.

ATV Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist Because every ATV is slightly different, it is important to familiarize yourself with your specific ATV owner’s manual maintenance checklists.

T-Tires and Wheels C-Controls and Cables L- Lights and Electrics O-Oil and Fuel C-Chain/Driveshaft and Chassis

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