ATV Riding Clubs In Southeastern USA

Looking for riding buddies? Find someone near you to ride with in this quick guide!

ATV Clubs are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with fellow enthusiasts. They provide support and camaraderie, as well as a chance to share tips and tricks about riding.

Have the leader of the group in front

When Riding ATVs in a Group What is the Recommended Formation?

Followed by the least experienced rider

Then the stronger riders at the back


This formation allows the leader to know the trail best and gives the strongest riders a chance to help out if there are any issues. 


Royal Blue Rangers ATV Club TN

Located in East TN right between Windrock /Coalfield and Royal Blue WMA. Royal Blue Rangers is a free club that meets and go on rides at least twice a month.


Windrock ATV Club

A family-oriented ATV club with over 200 members throughout the South and Midwest.


The Piedmont ATV Association NC

 Based in Roxboro, NC, this club puts an emphasis on personal responsibility while enjoying the sport.


Triad Trailblazers NC

Known as the Triad, named for the three metropolitan locations of Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem.


State-Line Riders ATV Club NC

 State Line Riders go on rides on amazing places such as AOAA in PA, Hatfield/McCoy in WV, Jericho State Park, Ride the Wilds in NH, and many parts of Maine.


Cherokee Mudslingers ATV Club, SC

Their headquarters is located in Gaffney, SC, and it is proudly associated with SCORE (South Carolina Off-Road Enthusiasts).

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