ATV Riding In Ohio


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Aside from being known as the Buckeye State and the home of Rock and Roll hall of  Fame, Ohio also has something for off-road enthusiasts.

Does Ohio Have ATV Trails?

Yes! From the scenic woodland and exciting forest trails to the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, Ohio offers tons of opportunities for novice and experienced ATV riders alike.

Places you can ride ATVs in Ohio:

Public Lands and National Forests such as the Wayne National Forest OHV systems

Private Guided ATV Tours

Private ATV parks

Majority of ATV trails are found in Southeastern Ohio But you can find ATV parks and trails along lake Erie in the northeast and Ohio’s northwest region bordering the state of Indiana.

Wayne National Forest ATV Trail Systems

Perry Forest ATV Park LLC

Bear Creek ATV Trails @Bear Creek Amphitheatre

Best ATV Trails in Ohio

Do you need a license  to drive an ATV in Ohio?

Yes. You need a valid current motor vehicle driver’s license or a commercial driver’s license to operate an ATV in Ohio. 

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Do You Have To Register ATVs in Ohio?

Yes. Operating an ATV anywhere within the state is prohibited unless it is registered and numbered.

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Can You Ride ATVs in the Ohio State Forests?

Yes. There are four state forests in Ohio that offer more than 38 miles of riding trails for riders of all skill levels. 

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These include the Wayne National Forest, Maumee State Forest, Pike State Forest, and Perry state forest.

There are also ATV rentals in the area;

NevilleBillie Adventure Park

Adventure Pro Outdoors

Eagle Rider Rentals & Tours

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