ATV Riding in virginia

ATV Riding 



Weaving through dense forests and scenic rides through the beautiful Virginia mountains, every rider is in for a treat! 

Whether you love the famous coastal or mountain areas, Virginia has trails for ATV riders of all skill levels. 

Does Virginia Have ATV trails?


Public Lands and National Forests such as the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests

Private Guided ATV Tours

 ATV trails systems & Private ATV parks

Can you ride a 4-wheeler on the Road in Virginia?

In general, ATVs are prohibited on public highways and public property unless authorized by the proper authorities. 

Can You Ride ATV In National Forest In VA?

ATV riding is permitted everywhere in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. However, riders must first purchase a permit.

One thing to keep in mind, ATV riding in these national forests is prohibited from late January through late March due to damage that could ensue during freezing and thawing.

Best ATV Trails in Virginia

Mountain View trails

Haysi’s Ridgeview ATV Trail System

The Original Pocahontas (OP) OHV Trail

Virginia ATV Trails

There are also ATV rentals in Virginia

Trailhead ATV Resort

Esembee Adventure Co. Virginia

Western Front Hotel ATV Rentals

Virginia ATV Rentals

Before heading out to the trails

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