In Southeast Ohio along the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, ATV trail enthusiasts will find the largest concentration of ATV trails in Ohio.

Where are the Best ATV Trails in Ohio?

There are plenty of Ohio ATV trails and parks throughout the Wayne National Forest to enjoy.

Wayne National Forest ATV Trail Systems

The majority of Ohio ATV trails are located in the southeastern part of the state in the Appalachian foothills within the 72,843 acres of Wayne National Forest.

Athens Ranger District- Athens Area

The Athens Ranger district is located 70 miles southeast of Columbus, OH and is home to the Wayne National Forest welcome center.

Monday Creek OHV System

The Monday Creek OHV System within the Athens Ranger district has 75 miles of OHV trails on 8 different trails. – Monday Creek Trailhead – Sycamore Trailhead – Elm Trailhead – Scarlet Trailhead – Red Oak Trailhead – White Oak Trailhead – Long Ridge Trailhead – New Straitsville Trailhead

Ironton Ranger District – Ironton Area

There are three major ATV trail systems located in the Ironton Ranger District with more than 100 miles of ATV trails combined. - Hanging Rock OHV System - Pine Creek OHV System - Superior OHV System

Where Can I Stay Near Wayne National Forest?

Primitive (or Dispersed) Camping is allowed throughout the forest near the trailheads with the following common sense restrictions. – No campsite may remain for longer than two weeks – You must keep your campsite clean during your stay and upon departure – You must not obstruct others from using roadways and designating the trails

AirBnb Cabins Near Wayne National Forest

– Cabin in Albany, OH- 18 minutes to Wayne National Forest – Verde Grove Cabins – “Oink” – Cabins for Rent in Nelsonville, Ohio

Campground Camping Areas In Wayne National Forest

– Athens Ranger District – Athens Area – Burr Oak Cove Campground – Athens Ranger District – Marietta Area – Hune Bridge Campground – Lamping Homestead Recreation Area

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