Hair-Raising ATV Trails in North Carolina

With diverse landscapes ranging from the Smoky Mountains in the West to the coastal islands in the East, North Carolina is a great place to find ATV trails.

Public land like the forested mountains of Nantahala National Forest and the coastal region of Croatan National Forest is where you’ll find some of the best ATV trails in North Carolina.

Pisgah National Forest - With 500,000 acres in the Appalachian Mountains, you’ll find high peaks, waterfalls, rivers, and miles of forested hiking trails.

Nantahala National Forest - In the southwest part of North Carolina, the Nantahala Forest covers over 500,000 acres, making it the largest National Forest in North Carolina.

Uwharrie National Forest - At 52,000 acres, Uwharrie is North Carolina’s smallest national forest. However, there are some unique features that make it worth visiting.

Croatan National Forest - This 160,000-acre forest has a diverse range of terrain styles that include saltwater estuaries, bogs, and swamps.

Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park - Located in North Carolina’s Brushy Mountains, the Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park has over 100 miles of trails spread across 1,700 acres.

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