Bunkhouse travel trailers are a popular choice for entry-level seasonal RV campers as well as full-time families looking for extra space for the kids.

What Is A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer or simply bunkhouse RV is a type of recreational vehicle that is towable and has a floor plan that includes bunk beds in it.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

- Weight & Tow Vehicle Capacity - How Many People Will Be Sleeping - Brand New Vs. Used Units - Budget - Size of Trailer

The Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

The Keystone Passport is one of the best bunkhouse travel trailer on the market and has been favored by many campers since its release. It offers comfort, convenience, and efficiency with its durable and lightweight construction.

Dutchmen Coleman Lantern Series

Coleman is one of the most famous manufacturers of high-quality, comfortable, and efficient recreational vehicles and camping accessories. Nowadays Coleman produces travel trailers that are perfect for both experienced and entry-level RV enthusiasts.

Jayco Jay Feather

Jayco is one of the top-selling brands that manufactures high-quality, affordable, and comfortable travel trailers that come in many layouts and smart floor plans.

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