Best Location To Install An Anchor On A Pontoon Boat

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So, you finally bought an anchor for your pontoon but not sure where to install it. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Here is a quick guide to help you out.

For your anchors to do its job effectively, you should first know where to mount them on your pontoon boat.

Because an anchor installed at the wrong place is the same as having no anchors at all.

Where should Pontoon boat anchors be?



On the front

Provides much more stability on the water.


Facing the Water Current or the Wind

Discover which of the two is the strongest and decide the best place to install the anchors.


Fore or Rear end

This is only applicable if you’re going to install an electric anchor winch.


The Cleat

Make sure to check the water depth first to determine the length of rope to be used.

How To Install Anchor On Pontoon Boat


This is a fairly easy task that you can do over a few hours. 

You just need your winch, a few basic tools (drill, wrench), and a ledge to drill it on. If you have an electric winch it's best to position it close to the battery.

When installing the ledge and winch, always refer to its manual for full instructions.

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