Gone are the days when pontoon boats were considered the ugly ducklings of the boating world. The pontoon boats on the scene now are sleeker more luxurious than ever.

Who Makes The Best Luxury Pontoon Boat?

When it comes to luxury pontoon boats, brands such as Avalon, Premier, Bennington, Sylvan, and Manitou are on top of the list. These brands have consistently made impressive high-end boats that are built with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

How Much Is A Luxury Pontoon Boat?

The price of luxury pontoon boats can range from as low as $50,000 to $100,000 or more. Luxury pontoon boat prices can still go higher depending on its size, floorplan, amenities, engine, build quality, accessories and options for customization.

What To Look For In A Luxury Pontoon Boat?

When looking for luxury pontoon boats, you’ll want to consider the following outstanding factors. - Improved Technology - Top of the Line Performance - Impressive design - Quality Construction

The Best Luxury Pontoon Boats

Premier Escalante

Luxury at its finest is what Premier Escalante is all about, constructed using only the best materials and built with high attention to detail. The Escalante is an impressive double-decker pontoon boat with a very spacious 12 ft. upper deck that leads to a water slide that certainly provides a lot of fun for everyone on board.

Bennington QX Sport

With an impressive list of exclusive features delivering unmatched boating experience that is definitely a cut above the rest. The unique and top-of-the-line QX Sport delivers unprecedented performance and speed on the waters.

Manitou XT Split Rear Windshield

The Manitou XT SPlit Rear Windshield is everything you’ll ever need for an exceptional boating experience. With its excellent turn of speed, and Manitou’s pioneering V-Toon technology you’ll only experience a smooth and stable ride even on challenging waters.

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