Places To Travel In The US In May


May is a great time to vacation in the USA if you are looking for outdoor adventure and a great deal. Some of the best places to travel in the US are made even better in the month of May.

The Spring temperatures are beginning to rise, but hotel rates are generally very reasonable throughout the entire month until the official summer season kicks off on Memorial Day weekend.

Whether your family loves to hike, camp, or just sit on the beach, there is a great US destination to suit your tastes. The list is endless and the time of year can’t be beat.

National Parks In The US You will experience cooler temps in the higher elevations, but the sunny days will generally be plenteous.

Santa Barbara, California Santa Barbara, California is always a great place to visit in the month of May.

Monterey, California The temperatures are cool and crisp in the early morning as you rise to take in the beautiful sunrise over Monterey Bay.

Arizona National Monuments US national parks, The Grand Canyon, but did you know that Arizona also has some amazing and less known National Monuments with just as much wow factor as the Grand Canyon? 

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