Traveling with tots can be both rewarding and stressful. It’s important to plan your activities and time wisely so as to ensure everyone has fun and gets plenty of rest.

Best Places To Travel With Toddlers In the Eastern US

Tampa, Florida with Toddlers

Tampa is not as crowded as neighboring Orlando, Florida, but there are just as many great things to with kids in Tampa. With a major international airport, is it easy to find inexpensive flights to Tampa and you can base yourself there while exploring the surrounding areas.

Boston, Massachusetts with Toddlers

Boston is a terrific U.S. destination for toddlers and small children.  What makes Boston unique is that it not only has various indoor kid-friendly activities, but many of its toddler-friendly activities are outside.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Toddlers

Pittsburgh, PA, located in Western Pennsylvania, is by far one of the best places to travel in the US with toddlers. The number of things to do in Pittsburgh with toddlers is almost endless, between museums, playgrounds, zoos and fun sightseeing opportunities throughout.

Washington, D.C. with Toddlers

Washington D.C. is a wonderful place for children of all ages, and especially for toddlers! There are a multitude of free museums in D.C. and almost all of them have some hands-on exhibits and rooms designed specifically for young children.

Chicago, Illinois with Toddlers

Families can take their small children to the Chicago Children’s Museum on Navy Pier. After, hop onto the world famous ferris wheel and take in the city and lake views from the very top.

Rochester, New York with Toddlers

If you’re looking for a great destination for a trip with toddlers in the US – New York’s Rochester is well worth considering.  This little city has some great activities toddlers and the entire family will love.

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